Closed Captioning services rates

Affordable Closed Captioning services rates. Create subtitles for all video content.

We're happy to admit it. Our closed captioning services rates are not the cheapest you'll find on the internet.

Closed Captioning

£2.50 per minute

closed captioning serviceYes. There are a plethora of subtitling companies charging low $1 per minute rates for creating subtitles.

How they do this is questionable. This rate equates to far below the minimum average wage in most western countries. So how do you think the work is being done?


  • Not by a human in many cases.
  • Not by a native speaker.
  • Not by a qualified translator or subtitler.
  • And certainly not by someone working to industry standards.

If you're adding subtitles to a personal YouTube video, a $1 per minute closed captioning services rate may be fine.

Where quality is paramount and you're prepared to pay a bit more to ensure only the best native linguists are used for the work. We're well placed to help you.

Closed captioning services process

Closed captioning services rates

Share the video with us and tell us what you need the closed captions for. We'll confirm the price and turnaround.

closed captioning services rates

We produce the closed captions for the deaf and hard of hearing, or translate the captions for foreign audiences.

Closed captioning services rates

We deliver the caption files as SRT or burn in to any video file format i.e. so the captions are 'hard coded' to the video.

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More about closed captioning services rates

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You may be wondering why a voice actor agency offers closed captioning services!

Our producers frequently translate voice over scripts and produce foreign voice over audio. Over time customers asked for our expertise to translate closed captions too. And quite organically this developed into a fully fledged closed captioning service.

Voquent now frequently creates subtitles for videos and our closed captioning services rates are excellent value for business and film makers alike.

Our team has created closed captions for online platforms such Amazon video, Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo and more.

We can also burn-in the closed captions, so they're hard coded into the video file. Most online closed captioning services don't offer this.

We only use experienced, human subtitlers trained to the highest industry standards. We aim for 100% accuracy and if you're not satisfied with our closed captioning services, get your money back.

We know there are cheaper subtitling providers out there and if finding the lowest possible cost is your prime concern we're not going to try and compete.

Our captioners are talented. They add the human touch. Humour, colloquialisms and timing will all be given the creative treatment. The 'tone' of the closed captions, will match the tone of the speech and you'll have the highest quality closed captions.


Closed captioning services for

  • Films and online video
  • Corporate videos
  • Training films
  • Amazon and Netflix
  • YouTube & Vimeo content
  • Other online video players
  • Video games


Closed captioning services


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