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          Write For Us

          Got a topic you'd like to share with our community? Please read this article in full before asking us about guest posts.

          wave background

          Our fast-growing community of voice actors, audio professionals, linguists and audiovisual creatives are always interested in relevant stories, news, and articles. 

          About writing for Voquent

          Voquent is a worldwide community of professional voice actors, audio producers and filmmakers.

          We regularly post blogs written by one of our in-house expert team, but we also share articles written by freelance bloggers or other connected businesses.

          Our articles regularly reach tens of thousands of people, helping to develop and grow the audiences of other individuals and businesses.

          What kinds of articles does Voquent publish?

          So you're interested in writing for Voquent? That's great! But before you submit an enquiry, take some time to check out this page to see what out what's important to us.

          Foremost, Voquent focuses on stories that are highly relevant to our suppliers - the voice actors. We also publish stories for the animators, video producers, creative agencies, educators and marketers who make up our customer base. So content in this wheelhouse is up-our-alley.

          If you've got appropriate tips, how-to guides or an exciting story to share, we're all ears.

          What article submissions will Voquent reject?

          We reject post submissions if they have little or no relevance to our audience. If you've got a set of terrific tips for mum, that's great, but it's too general a topic to be relevant for our niche site.

          We also reject poorly written posts or blog articles laden with links to spammy sites. Voquent stands for quality and market-leading ideas - if your article can be knocked out in an hour, it's probably not right for our audience.

          If your article suggestions aren't well suited to our site or your content doesn't grab us, then we might not have time to respond, as we get many submissions per day. Don't feel disheartened! Take some time to think over what you were missing and get back to us with a revamped selection of headlines; practice makes perfect!

          What should articles include?

          Content is king when you write for Voquent.

          Unique, informative content

          Our knowledgeable audience is always interested in learning new things. Hence, we want articles that share a new perspective on a subject, do something or create a valuable resource. We care about turning heads and eyeballs.

          Articles should be completely 100% new and explicitly written for Voquent. No copies or plagiarised content, thank you. We're happy to include a line or two max about your company, product or service but any more and it's considered a sponsored post. Ideally, you should include backlinks naturally within the text.


          Your article should be engaging and easy to read. Use simple, concise, and actionable language that avoids a passive voice. Using full stops in place of commas to create short sentences is preferred. Grammar is important to the flow!

          We strongly recommend using apps like Grammarly and Hemingway to help you refine the text, optimising the reading experience for the average user.

          An attention-grabbing headline

          A quality headline is vital to breeding curiosity in readers. When submitting your article, please include a few title suggestions.

          If you're struggling for inspiration, Hubspot has an excellent article about writing catchy headlines.

          We find a question, ultimate guides or listicles works best. Here are a few examples we've already published:

          Cite your sources

          If you're making factual statements or include any figures, please always cite your sources by linking to the original article. Citations strengthen any points or any conclusions you make, show due diligence and build credibility. If you make statements with no references, we may reject your article.

          Relevant to our readers

          The post should be fascinating to voice actors, performers, audio or video professionals, marketers or educators. If it's about a subject our audience don't care about, we can't post it.

          We are a niche community, with a readership of specialists. It is essential to engage our community with fresh, interesting perspectives on subjects that they want to read. General articles won't work, sorry.

          Topics like: transcription, translation, scriptwriting, audio or video editing, recording, filming, speech, language etc., are all relevant.

          The mediums we work with are also of interest, e.g. eLearning, video games, animation or social media promos.

          Feel free to get creative! We don't want to say what everyone else is saying - new ideas that we agree with make for excellent articles.

          Article Submission Steps

          1. Choose 3-5 Unique Headlines: Before contacting our team, please examine the published blogs on Voquent. Then, pitch 3-5 unique headline ideas. They should be unique (we will check).

          2. Outline draft: After receiving your headline suggestions, we will choose one for you to write. Please now create a blog outline with the main talking points and send this to our team.

          3. First draft: You write the post, including any citations and 2-3 internal links. The article should be at least 750 words and formatted with H2 sub-headings. Please send the text in word .docx format.

          4. Revisions: Allow two days for review. We'll get back to you with minor revisions, but if the writing is inferior or you haven't followed the above guidelines, we may reject the submission and cease collaboration (So spend extra time tweaking it to be just right). Assuming everyone is happy, we'll move to publication.

          5. Publication: It could take a few weeks to schedule the post on Voquent.com. Once the article is published, we will email a link to you, and no further revisions are accepted. We will choose any images, but you're free to make suggestions as long as they are either owned in whole or from a reputable library image site.

          Article submission checklist:

          • Submit 3-5 attention-grabbing headline ideas with your enquiry.
          • Use of H2 headers to break up the writing.
          • Write 750 - 1,250 words of engaging, readable copy.
          • Use 2-3 internal links.
          • Always embed links to cite sources.
          • Include ONE backlink to your website or blog.
          • Include an author summary and headshot if applicable.

          Please use the contact form below to get in touch, and remember, please include 3-5 headline ideas with your submission. Thank you.

          Get in touch

          Allowed file types: .docx, .doc, .pdf

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          Do you allow guest posts on Voquent?

          Yes. Guest post submissions must adhere to the guidelines outlined above. If you're writing for a business or SEO agency, expect a fee. We'll quote you when we receive your article ideas. Alternatively, we may suggest writing about or mentioning us in a relevant article. Please contact us with 3-5 article heading ideas and we'll get back to you if we're interested.

          Do you allow sponsored posts on Voquent?

          Yes. A sponsored post is more promotional than a guest post as it talks more exclusively about a business, product or service. We do accept sponsored posts from time to time but we prefer a guest post with valuable and actionable advice for our audience. A sponsored post will require a fee or a comparative article about us on a similarly authoritative site. Please contact us to discuss.

          How much does a guest post on Voquent cost?

          We're not about making money from our guest posts. Often we don't charge anything. We're open to a quid pro quo, i.e. a trade where you post or write about us on an equally trustworthy site. If there is an imbalance in audience size, reach, or authority, we can make up the difference with a monetary amount if required. Still, we prefer to avoid this wherever possible. 

          What are the benefits of posting my article on Voquent?

          Voquent's readership is highly engaged and educated. We offer an exciting stage to demonstrate your expertise or share your ideas.
          Grow your audience, build your credibility and get a high authority backlink to increase your websites domain authority.
          In return, we get good content for our audience, which helps us stay connected and relevant to the broader community.