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English Voice Actors

Discover voice actors speaking English in any accent from around the world.

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English is the most widely spoken language in the world. The lingua franca of international business and entertainment with thousands of accent variations. Find voice actors speaking English with any Global accent.

About English speaking Voice Actors

English is spoken around the world, in a multitude of countries. Both as a first and second language, English is an essential format for maximum appeal. Missing out on this language is far from ideal - unless your audience is hyper-specific. 

Fortunately, English voice actors are aplenty in our catalogue. Our voice actors are located around the globe for any style of project imaginable. We personally approve all of the actors on our network, ensuring nothing but the highest calibre of performers. 

The act of getting your message across can be enhanced by using a local accent of English. Our English voice actors speak in a massive variety of accents. Don't look like an outsider to your audience - use the right accent for your project. 

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Learn more about English Accents

English is the most spoken language in the world, by a wide margin. It is a recognised official language in 67 different countries.

Each country has put its own unique spin on the language, which can only be fully grasped by authentic professional native speakers.

Equally, for British English regions, there are all sorts of accents to hear. Whilst some may only have subtle differences, others can sound like different languages entirely. Scottish English, for example, is utterly alien to a Southeastern English accent. 

We make it possible to find English-speaking voice actors from the correct region anywhere in the world which will undoubtedly boost your project's authenticity and reach.

While English is not the most spoken language globally, it is the most spoken second language. 

English takes the number one spot as the most spoken second language by a considerable margin, outdoing second place—Mandarin Chinese—by nearly 800 million speakers!

Each distinct territorial variation of English will offer new patterns of speech, colloquialisms and inspire different feelings in the audience. Loan words, pronunciation, inflexion. All of these elements will change from country to country or region to region.

For example, the English spoken in Brazil differs significantly from traditional British English. The dialect and accent from any foreign interpretation of English will have a massive impact on pronunciation.

If you are to capture a foreign English speaker's essence faithfully, you will require an expert voice actor native to the region. Finding approved English speaking voice actors can be tricky, especially for countries with smaller populations. And that is where we come in.

Voquent offers an extraordinary selection of English speaking voice actors from any country worldwide. No matter if it is a first or second language speaker, we have experienced voices for any project.

Check out our extensive English accent options by using our superlative advanced search to explore, shortlist and hire online. 

After selecting your favourite voices, contact us to tell us about your project for an instant fixed quote. From there, we will take care of finalising the casting and production from start to finish, with as much or as little input from you as you desire. 

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