About Voquent and Our Values

Our mission

Nothing less than the highest quality representation

Voquent are passionately dedicated to increasing and accelerating audience engagement with captivating voice acting.

Our vision is to empower content creators with unparalleled visibility and access to outstanding and affordable voice talent worldwide, supported by our core values:

Capability and expertise

We are dedicated to offering unprecedented choice by measuring more vocal attributes than anywhere else in the world from languages and regional accents to pitch and tone.

Accountability and integrity

We love our clients. They are our business partners, our friends and our advocates. We embrace and adopt our customers unique challenges as our own.

Listening and learning

Communication is nothing short of sacred to us and we deeply appreciate feedback. We seek to deliver genuine value in every exchange and to interact quickly, consistently and intelligently.

Excellence and timeliness

Whether it's a simple recording or a comprehensive, multi-lingual project, nothing is more important to us than producing quality results on-time and to your schedule.

How we started

Voquent was born of necessity. Being experienced marketers and content producers, we frequently ran into problems casting voice actors.

Most voice over agencies profile the voice actor themselves not how they sound. This is problematic because many voice samples don't relate to the voice actor profile.

One day, after listening through the gazillionth voice reel we had an idea.

Ditch voice reels. All our voice samples are stored as distinct sample cards. Each card contains one single reading style, by one voice.


This gives you power to quickly sort and filter dozens of voice samples to find the exact read you desire.

For example if you only want to hear ‘senior male American narrators’ – our search results won’t show you anything unexpected e.g. commercial reads or younger voices.

By focusing the search, you spend less time listening to irrelevant samples.

This also benefits voice actors. They can upload as many distinct samples as they want, allowing them to show-off their total versatility. No longer do they need to force customers to listen through their entire voice reel to find the style they want.

If they can speak multiple languages or character types, they can create one sample for each style.

Win for the voice actor, win for the customer.

We're all about convenience and with that in mind we make it clear where a voice actor is based and if they’re available to record remotely or on-location.

If you need voice actors based in London for a session in Soho, no problem. Equally, if you have a project in 20 languages and you don’t care where it’s recorded, we’ll take care of it remotely without a fuss.

Why us? We know the online voice over space is crowded with agencies shouting about the versatility of their talent.

Our mission is to cut through the noise and make voice actor casting and recording the fun and creative collaboration it should be.

Thank you for being here.