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Audiobook Narrator Jobs

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All it takes is a few minutes to get your narration Demos heard by documentary filmmakers, book authors and educators. Access limitless possibilities for your career with countless narrator job opportunities. Our customers are looking for:

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You've got the skills

We only work with the best narrator voices, which is precisely what our clients expect. Professionalism is more than just having the right sound for narration. A conscientious work ethic, a driven attitude, and outstanding communication are essential pieces of the puzzle. A history of completing paid narrator jobs is a plus but not essential. Transferrable skills and experience in acting, vlogging, streaming or hosting can be just as valuable indicators of your ability.

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Outstanding Demos across a variety of genres

Voquent's signature Demo search is unmatched in function. Our customers can filter for their language, accent, tone, age, and more to navigate our immense database of narrators for the ideal voice.  Speed the process along by preparing your individual Demo Samples in various genres and tones. This is how our customers will search for you on Voquent. Once you are Voquent verified or have uploaded 15 Samples, you will unlock Demo Reels. Where Samples should focus on specific attributes, Reels should show off your versatility. 

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Access to a professional-grade studio

It pays to prepare in this industry. Installing a professional-grade home studio setup is one of the most significant head starts you can ask for in audiobook recording. This way, you can be ready to record at a moment's notice. Of course, it is not a deal-breaker if you don't have a home studio. Plenty of successful narrators on our platform don't have home setups. Access to a local recording studio we can book for you is more than enough to get started.

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Learn more about narrator jobs with Voquent

Our responsibility is to link our customers with the perfect narrators for their audiobook projects – no matter the language, accent, location, style, or genre. Whatever the narrator job may be, we are ready for it, with an elite team of audio engineers prepared to cast as soon as possible.

We have designed our platform to assist clients in finding who they need as quickly as possible. Just sneak a peek at our various genres to see how simple it is to find the ideal narrator.

At Voquent, our customers focus on Demo Samples. Our Sample system makes it easy for customers to find and hear sounds that fit their audiobook specifications. 

How does this impact your experience landing narrator jobs?

Well, that's simple. Split your work into specific Demo Samples and tag them with relevant designations to optimise your discoverability:

This way, searchers can quickly filter the Demos to find the best match giving you lots of ways to appear in niche searches. 

After listening to one of your Samples, customers can then listen to your top 6 featured Demos. If you have unlocked and uploaded Demo Reels, we suggest placing them in the top 6 spots to show a broad range of your ability. 

Easy, right? All this, without ever paying a penny.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a narrator?

At its most basic, a narrator is a storyteller that guides audiences through content. This may take the form of recounting historical events, explaining how something works or dramatically narrating a fantasy novel. In film format, narration accompanies imagery. However, the medium that narrator jobs are most suited to is audiobooks. Being a narrator is not as rudimentary as just reading sentences out loud. Tremendous skill is required to match the character voices and genre of the project to keep listeners hooked.

How to get an audiobook narrator job?

You won't get far if you aren't sufficiently prepared for this line of work. Training your voice to create the perfect sound and building stamina for long recording sessions; are essential skills rarely ever down to natural talent alone. If you are a novice, it's always best to start with singing or voice acting classes. 

Our article about how to choose a voice coach for voice acting work is equally relevant to narrator jobs. An experienced vocal coach will help you improve your stamina and increase your versatility. With daily practice, you'll be on your way to narrator stardom. After you have done all the hard groundwork, you need to get to work putting together audio demos to show off your skills—upload material to Voquent to get in front of customers seeking to hire narrators. 

Is being a narrator easy?

Would it be a cliché to say, "if it were easy, everyone would be doing it"? Because that statement rings true for narrator jobs. To find success in this business, you need to be persistent, pushing yourself every day to improve, and always be ready to record. It is far from easy to match these criteria, which is why so many people aren't doing it.

Narrator jobs are enriching if you put 110% into your craft. Like any career, you will have to build your reputation first by starting small. Many narrators start with narrating eLearning or business videos, eventually working their way up to narrating epic sci-fi anthology or documentary films.

Can I get paid to narrate audiobooks?

Of course, you can! If you couldn't, Voquent and other voice platforms wouldn't exist. To be in with a shout, you'll need professionally recorded material in a range of genres and tones. Upload your Demo Samples to Voquent and tag them to match your specialities. If clients like your Demos, they will shortlist you for their audiobook narration job, and we'll be in touch to check your availability.  Easy.

What does Voquent charge for signing up on their platform?

Who said anything about a charge? Joining the Voquent community is 100% free for any professional narrator. There are no hidden charges or subscriptions. We want the best, most open experience on our casting platform, both for directors and talent. Complete inclusivity means lowering the barrier to entry, especially for economically disadvantaged narrators. This policy always ensures a versatile range of narrators from all around the world. It is entirely free to get paid opportunities.

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What do I need to get started as a narrator?

Well, number 1 is a good, distinct narrator voice. Your natural vocal stamina and range are vital to success. Many narrators will hone their craft with coaching and regular practice. But it doesn't end there. Providing excellent service also means that you are ready to knock it out of the park with professionalism and grace. You must be easy to work with, so customers make you their go-to narrator and keep coming back for more. A decent home studio is also critical for audiobook narration jobs because there isn't a budget for a separate studio.

A USB microphone won't cut it. If you don't know where to start, we have great content on microphones to help get you started.