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Voiceovers 2022

Each month we bring you the best-rated voiceovers on Voquent.

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Voquent offers a vast pool of talent to cast from, but with so much choice, it can be overwhelming.  To make your search faster and simpler every month, we'll distil the top voiceovers for the most critical world markets.

How do we choose the best voiceovers?

We consider many factors when rating the best monthly voiceovers. Most important is positive feedback from our producers and customers. Secondly is the audio quality and versatility measured on the talents profile strength.

Finally, we factor in what voiceovers are trending based on the most played or shortlisted Demos.

We choose two voiceovers for each of the top regional markets: North America (USA/Canada etc.), Latin America (South/Central/Caribbean), The United Kingdom & British Overseas territories, Europe (West/South/Central/North), Europe (East), Africa (All), Middle East, Asia (South/Central), Asia (East/Southeast), and Oceania (Australia/ New Zealand etc.).

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Approved voiceovers for any medium

At Voquent, we check and approve every audio Demo before you hear it. And every time we work with voice talent, our engineers will verify their home studio setup, testing it for quality. When they pass our quality checks, they get a blue tick on their Demos. With thousands of approved voices with verified home recording studios, you can always be assured that the voiceovers you get from Voquent will be the best quality possible.

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