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Voquent is an international online voice over agency and audio production company. Based in London, with studio partners worldwide.

We help customers to find voice over talent, voice actors and narrators and produce captivating performances in any language or accent for all types of projects.

We're passionate about voice over services and we love helping our customers to find professional voice over actor that fits the project brief and budget.

Find a professional voice over artist today and get the audio fast.

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We know you're in a hurry and Voquent will save you time in your voice over search. How?

Each voice sample is distinct, exactly matching your search. You're never forced to listen to audio that isn't relevant to your project.

Boom! Now you can quickly cut through the noise to find the voice in your head.

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The Process


to voice actor samples in a range of dialects.

Shortlist voice over samples.


voice samples to check availability.


to our team about your project.

Record the voice over and edit the audio.


We record the voice over professionally.

Deliver the voice over audio


edited audio in your preferred format.

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With Voquent you can give yourself a louder voice and secure more voice over jobs!

Best of all it's FREE to sign up and host your selected samples with us. We're also transparent about fees and itemise all costs to industry standards. We make our money as producers of high quality audio.

Voquent is an innovative online voice over agency. We help voice actors to get discovered for more projects.  Customers search for audio samples, not on your profile. Giving you many more ways to show off your versatility. Each sample is a new way to be found.

Become Voquent today! Did we mention it's completely free to join our Voice Over Agency?

Our Guarantees

voice over agency vetting

Voice Over are expertly vetted for ability and quality.

voice over agency contact

A single point of contact from casting through to final production.

Online voice over agency guarantee

If you’re not happy with any aspect of our service, get your money back.

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Inventing Authority: The Art of the Documentary Voice Over

By Voquent Team | October 3, 2018

The core quality of a documentary voice over is authority. The voice over aims to convey truthful information while creating a mood which enhances the images on the screen. There are many ways to achieve authority in a documentary voice over. We’ve spoken elsewhere on this site about Bill Nichols’s six categories of documentary voice…

What is a ‘Good’ Voice for Education? The Answer May Surprise You.

By Voquent Team | September 13, 2018

Education voice overs: Smashing the stereotypes Most voice over research is keyed to advertising. It’s all about finding the best voice for a short, snappy communication. But what if your product makes heavier demands on the listeners’ attention? What if you need voice over which will establish a relationship, not just nudge a consumer into…

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Explainer Voice Over

By Voquent Team | September 6, 2018

Clearly the purpose of an Explainer video is to communicate an idea or concept with your audience, in a way that’s both memorable and engaging. What you say (the script) and how you say it (the voice) will determine the appeal and success of the Explainer. So, choosing the right voice over narrator is one…

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