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6 reasons why creatives and voice actors love Voquent

1. Free Access

Free use for creatives and voice actors

Creatives: Freely generate voice casting shortlists and obtain quotes for projects with no-obligation. Search now >

Voice Actors: Any professional voice over artist can join for free. There is no charge – ever - to audition for jobs. Join now >

2. Truly International

Voquent is the first and only voice acting website to classify every country’s primary language and thousands of specific regional dialects and accents.

Creatives: Get a rich resource for multi-lingual or region specific projects. Communicate with audiences anywhere. Search now >

Voice Actors: Can list samples with regional accents and dialects and get discovered by creatives for a huge variety of project types. Join now >

3. Find the one

Each voice sample on Voquent is a distinct style, gender, age, accent and language.

Find the one

Creatives: Get immediate and EXACT matches for project types. Hear what you search for instantly without having to listen to compilations with irrelevant voice over styles. Search now >

Voice Actors: Are no longer incorrectly dismissed by creatives because of the order of a linear compilation reel. creatives will hear relevant samples instantly. Join now >

4. Reduce Auditioning

No longer such a strong reliance on Auditions.

Creatives: Sample-based search and selection enables creatives to qualify the perfect attributes of the required voice and cast with confidence, reducing project timescales. Search now >

Voice Actors: With distinct samples creatives are more likely to hear the style they want without requiring auditions every time. Join now >

5. Collaborative

We don’t work in isolation. We bring together a worldwide network of studios, directors, sound engineers, other agencies and voice actors.


Creatives: Our mission is to find the right vocal sound to match the project needs and budget. We do anything required to ensure customer satisfaction. Search now >

Voice Actors: We work with both union & non-union voices; voices with exclusive agents and voices who self-represent. We’re a free marketing channel for professional voice actors to get more paid work opportunities. Join now >

6. Quality and Fairness

We don't believe in a race to the bottom on prices.

Creatives: Each and every voice sample on the site has been checked for quality and accuracy by the moderation team prior to publication. Search now >

Voice Actors: Voquent actively engages with the voice over community to nurture quality and to ensure voice talent are fairly compensated.v Join now >


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Voquent are changing the VO industry for the better

Voquent ’s roster of voice talent consists almost entirely of experienced voice actors and household talent offering genuine accents and authentic languages. Working with voice actors located near to professional post production studios, or with their own professionally equipped home studios (approved by Voquent) -  we can offer delivery from anywhere in the world. We're a truly global voice over agency.

Voquent is not a P2P (Pay 2 Play) website. That is we do not charge the voice talent for registering on the site or for getting jobs.

We also don't require creatives to register before they can begin casting. The site is open for anyone to use.

Our role is to qualify the enquiries to ensure the client can offer a fair rate for the work. This protects the voice talent and ensure there is no race to the bottom on prices.

Equally creatives get a first class service to ensure they always get audio of the best quality within their timescales.

If a shortlisted voice talent is not available or is not within the available budget, we'll offer alternative casting suggestions where possible.

We oversee the complete production and offer additional services such as translation, audio & video editing, sign language interpretation and much more.

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Creatives will choose Voquent when they don’t have the luxury of time or the patience to listen to and sort demos or casting auditions on a traditional P2P website. Indeed with Voquent's unique one sample, one style system the need for auditioning is greatly reduced and many creatives will choose a voice actor directly from the samples they've shortlisted.

Voquent are here to help with everything: producing, directing, recording and delivering high quality material at short notice for both simple AND complex projects that might involve many languages, authentic niche accents or multiple roles.

We are thrilled to be working in the voice over industry and we're passionate advocates for the use of voice acting in all forms of communication. Captivating audiences anywhere is our mission.