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USA: 1 332 2131 466

UK: +44 (0)203 603 3676


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        Translation Company

        Make your message stick with our audiovisual translation services.

        The translation process Tell us about your project

        It's a wild jungle out there. So when you need to get your message out to the world, Voquent's translation services are like a yellow-bricked road leading you directly through the fauna to success with your audience.

        Deliver your message to the world

        You want to quickly and easily reach your global audience so much it hurts. Yet when every agency says they can translate your eLearning, marketing, audio or video material, who do you trust? How do you know they aren't just subbing it out to another agency?

        They probably are.

        Voquent is the agency that other translation companies frequently rely on to translate their clients' voice-over scripts, subtitles, and videos. It is our primary focus.

        We'll translate your message into any language or dialect and help you broadcast it for the whole world to enjoy.

        When hundreds of other translation and localization businesses trust us to translate eLearning, promos and films, you know you're in good hands.

        So get in touch with us today. It's time to get your messages heard everywhere.

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        What is a world-class translation company?

        With thousands of online translation companies, agencies and services vying for your business, choosing a partner that genuinely understands your goals is essential.

        When every agency is a one-stop shop with the fastest, highest quality service by humans—they all start to sound alike.

        Here at Voquent, we don't pretend to be the best at every type of translation. That's just ludicrous. We're always 100% transparent about what we're good at, and if we don't feel our service best fits your needs, we'll tell you.

        Our focus is audiovisual translations. If you've got spoken word to translate for eLearning or need subtitle translations for your video content, we genuinely offer a world-class solution.


        Why Voquent?

        The majority of translation companies are fantastic at translating written text documents. They have the technology, tools, translation memory, and network to quickly interpret millions of words.

        However, these processes often fail to work when multimedia is involved. So, their project managers will turn to a specialist audiovisual provider like Voquent.

        If you only have the occasional audio or video translation, it's probably easier just to let your existing translation agency handle it. But when you have creative projects, like brand promos. Or large quantities of video material to translate, the translation company you're using will not understand all the issues—slowing the process down and increasing costs.

        Our team translates any audio or video material. Our services include transcription, script translations, voice-over translation, subtitle translation and video translations of on-screen text, graphics and animations.

        We're happy to work in tandem with your current translation company or directly with you.


        Drive business growth through audio and video translations

        Engaging with worldwide audiences is easier when you use a human voice that touches their emotions. To achieve this, we offer the world's largest approved database of voice-over talents, voice actors and narrators. You can browse voices online, or we can choose on your behalf. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Voice-over is often the final piece of the translation puzzle.


        The translation process

        1. Review

        Translating audio and video material starts first with a review. Our pre-production team will look at your files and provide recommendations and a fixed quote, all with no obligation to buy.

        Please share your project with us now to get started.

        2. Transcription & translation

        We'll transcribe the speech to create a time-stamped voice-over script to ensure the translated voice-over will be in sync. It's incredible how many translation companies miss this critical step. We'll also transcribe the on-screen text and animations if they are to be localized. Furthermore, we'll create subtitle transcripts. The translators are all experts at translating speech, i.e. they won't translate literally. Thus your content will sound natural when read out loud by the voice-over talent. Our subtitling and video translators will carefully consider the character limitations ensuring the text fits the source as closely as possible.

        3. Productions

        After translation approval, we'll produce all the voice-overs, perfectly synced to the picture. Our editors will then add the audio and video translations and encode the material in your desired file formats, ready for the website, internal platform or social media post.

        All of the above can be completed directly by us or in partnership with your existing translation company.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How do translation companies work?

        Translation companies are service businesses, and customers will primarily liaise with a project management team. This team will take your content and charge a fee to translate it to your chosen languages. A project manager will use a machine translation tool to help build a translation memory, reducing the cost and turnaround of your translations over time. The translators are individually vetted and tested before commencing client projects. Most of the work is done remotely and delivered via cloud-based project management systems.

        How can a translation company help my business grow?

        Businesses looking to expand their customer base in new territories will hire a translation company to help them translate their products, sales and marketing materials and support documentation. They can also assist with localising promotions, sales funnels and social media. For businesses with established systems, rapid growth is possible with the right translation services partner.

        How much do translation companies charge?

        Most translation companies charge per word for the translation work. They'll review the material to calculate the number of repeat phrases (fuzzy and exact matches) and provide a scaling price that increases with more levels of quality assurance. Translation rates depend on the source and target language. The complexity of the source language, e.g. medical or technical text, will also impact the cost. It's best to contact a few agencies to check prices as you can't always rely on the price stated on the website.

        Should company names be translated?

        No. Translating a company name is rarely required because it is a legal entity. If the company name is a statement or acronym, or if it will confuse or offend the audience, then it may be appropriate to include a translation for clarity. The translation will be added in italics after the company name, between square brackets.