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          Find Voice Over Jobs

          Voquent offers premium & exclusive voice over and voice-acting opportunities – sign up today to begin.

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          You never know who might be listening. In just a few clicks, elite creative agencies and global brands will hear your voice. Here's what our customers seek:

          Born out of necessity

          Professional acting talent 

          Foremost, our customers prize a positive, solution-oriented attitude and excellent communication skills. You don't necessarily need previous paid voice-over experience to be considered a professional voice actor. A trained actor, experienced broadcaster, vlogger, live streamer or event host has many skills transferrable to voice-over work. 

          Born out of necessity

          Excellent demos

          Customers want to hear quality demos matching their search. We review every demo before approving them for casting to give customers the best experience. It would help if you prepared (chopped up) your reels as individual samples, each in one style. Also, ensure they are recorded using professional equipment in a treated room.

          Born out of necessity

          Studio access

          A well-equipped home recording studio is an enormous benefit in this fast-moving industry. However, if voice-over isn't your primary focus and you don't want to invest in the equipment - no problem. As long as you have access to a reliable local studio partner—we can work together.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          How do you get a job doing voice-overs?

          To get a job doing paid voice-over work, you first need to create a portfolio of audio material, also known as a showreel or compilation reel. For beginners, it's best to work with a voice coach to strengthen your vocal stamina and improve versatility. Many coaches will also recommend where to get your first showreel produced. Once you have a showreel, the hard work of reaching out to all the agencies and voice-over websites begins! 

          How to find voice-over jobs?

          There are four primary methods of finding paid voice-over work opportunities: exclusive agents, non-exclusive agencies (like Voquent), Pay-2-Play online casting sites and general freelancing platforms.

          All professional voice talent will use a mixture of these to obtain jobs. We've created a helpful resource of 101 voice-over websites and 161 worldwide voice-over agencies to help get you started.

          How much do voice-over jobs pay?

          Pay for voice-over jobs can vary enormously—from a few dollars to 6-figures.

          Pay depends on the type of project, the client, and the broadcast medium. Promotional jobs for well-known brands or critical roles in video games or animations will typically earn voice talent substantially more than for educational or B2B work. Actors' unions once set industry rates, but the onset of cheap recording technology and fast broadband has flooded the market with amateur voices. At Voquent, we only work with professionals, and our voice-over jobs pay talent around 150-400% more than the average freelance platform.

          How to get a job doing voice-overs for cartoons or video games?

          The competition for lucrative voice-over jobs in cartoons, video games and animated movies is fierce. To get noticed by casting directors, you will need exceptional material. Putting this together could take many years and requires investment in coaching, studio equipment and showreel production. Exclusive agents and professional voice-over platforms like Voquent fulfil most of these roles, and networking with agencies and directors is essential. Expect multiple audition rounds, especially if there is a lot of money on the table.

          How much does it cost to get voice-over jobs on Voquent?

          Nothing, Niente. Nada. Nichts. Ok, you get the idea—it's 100% free.

          You will never pay-to-play on Voquent. There are no hidden charges, and every voice talent, wherever they are, has an equal opportunity to be heard and booked for projects.

          Of course, you will stand the best chance of success if you first invest time in creating a range of demos in your best styles and tones. There are many untapped niches. Make specific demos to improve your visibility to casting directors and our producers. 

          Learn more about optimising your Voquent profile.

          Is my USB mic good enough to get voice-over jobs?

          Sorry to break it to you. Most USB mics are not of sufficient quality for professional voice-over jobs. Why? More often than not, there is an increased noise on the recordings, and USB mics don't pick up the subtle nuances of your voice. USB mics are fine for podcasting or YouTube videos, but no creative agency will use your audio in a commercial. Investing in a condenser microphone, pre-amp and acoustically treating your environment are vital to getting the best voice-over jobs. Learn more about the best microphones for voice-over.

          How to become a voice actor?

          To become a voice actor, you will first need to train and refine the vocal sounds you can produce. Most professional voice actors start with expert coaching. Then, regular vocal exercise builds vocal strength increasing your range and diversity of voices.

          Finally, they get a professional character or commercial Reel made to show off their best performances. A home studio isn't essential, but necessary to get started with lower-paid jobs first. Then, with persistence, you can grow your network of studio and agency contacts and build a successful career.

          How to get into voice acting?

          The internet has improved accessibility and lowered the industry entry barrier. As a result, getting into the voice acting industry is easier now than ever, but it's also more competitive. So building your experience is crucial.

          Start with making a low-cost home studio and take on voice acting jobs for freelance animators and indie video game developers. Then, be persistent about auditioning for roles and networking using social media. In a relatively short time frame, you'll be ready to add your material to online voice-over agencies like Voquent.

          How to get voice-acting jobs on Voquent?

          There are three routes to getting work on Voquent, but all start with uploading your best material. Firstly, casting directors may shortlist your voice for a role by finding your profile via one of your Demos.

          Alternatively, they may be looking for voice-over services in your city and come across your talent profile. Thirdly, they may contact our team for recommendations, and one of our producers will pick you for the role. Ensuring your Demos are expertly recorded and optimized with the best tags will improve your chances of getting cast. 

          Learn more about optimizing your Voquent profile >

          How much does voice acting pay?

          How much a voice actor gets paid varies wildly depending on the medium, role and licensing arrangements. The average voice-acting job on Voquent pays from $200 - $500. However, as much as 20% of the jobs pay substantially more. Five or even six-figure payouts aren't uncommon for high-end TV or Cinema commercials, video game character roles and B2B promos.

          We're not union-affiliated, but we stand firmly against a race to the bottom on voice-over rates. It is damaging to the creative industries in the long term. On Voquent, we always offer fair compensation for the job. We recognize the value that experienced voice actors bring to the table.

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