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French Subtitling Services - Voquent

French Subtitling Services

Is your TV or Film project ready for the worldwide French-speaking audience?

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We produce top-quality French subtitling services to your project specifications. Your project will be handled by linguistic experts at every stage for guaranteed accuracy. 

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About French Subtitling Services

Inaccessible or poorly localised content is not fun for anyone. There is a vast French-speaking audience waiting for your video content if you were just able to reach out to them. 

Inferior quality subtitles will turn off viewers. This also further impacts and excludes disabled audiences, who struggle with hearing problems. 

We have the solution. At Voquent, we offer the highest quality French subtitling services, maximising accuracy. Bridge the gap between your content and French viewership with subtitles crafted by human specialists to guarantee excellence. 

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We review the film and provide a quote.

Send us your video files and project brief for a fixed subtitling price.

We review the film and provide a quote.

On your order, we'll transcribe and translate to create professional French subtitles.

We burn-in the Chinese subtitles to video.

Finally, get the video back in any file format, with the French subtitles burnt-in using your preferred style.

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Learn more about subtitling for the French-speaking market

The French market for video content is massive. Video-on-demand services contribute $1.7 billion to the economy and serve over 27 million people. Video streaming services are not too far behind these statistics, with them contributing over $1 billion to the economy and serving over 14 million people. 

French film is a cornerstone of the culture. There is great national pride surrounding this industry. To compete in this business, appealing to native French speakers is important. 

This demonstrates the potential for French localisation. Reaching this audience through their own language is pivotal. Top-quality French subtitling services are a requirement. 

Why Voquent?

Our French subtitling services can open your project up to an expansive audience. This is an advanced society with significant disposable income. Reaching out to this audience in a form that is well catered to them can be tremendously beneficial. 

Our team of specialised engineers will take care of your project at each stage. Translation and transcription, through to syncing the subtitles to the video and burning them in. The team will then ensure you receive the final product in your preferred file format. 

We exceed the industry standard. Where many companies would opt to use a computer to automatically generate subtitles, we choose to use professional human interpreters. 

Computer generation typically results in lacklustre results and awkward phrases that come off as unnatural. Our human experts review the subtitles in the context of each scene to guarantee superior French subtitling services. 

Share your video content with us for a quick no-obligation quote. 

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