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Japanese Subtitling Services

Aiming to access Japanese audiences with your video content?

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Premium quality Japanese subtitles for movies, anime, or web videos―100% accuracy guaranteed.

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About Japanese Subtitling Services

You have worked and toiled to produce brilliant video content which you want to share. Foreign speakers want to enjoy your work. Don't stumble at the final hurdle with subpar subtitles. 

Bad subtitling is more than bad business; it can be harmful. Countless viewers have hearing disabilities that restrict them from accessing content without subtitles. Catering to this group should be done with consideration and care. 

We have the answer. Voquent's Japanese subtitling services are market-leading and crafted by human experts. We only offer the highest quality accessibility services. 

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Our team reviews the video content and provides a Japanese subtitling quote.

You send us the material and our subtitling team will review, and issue a fixed quote. 

We produce the Japanese subtitles following any style guidelines.

On your go ahead, we'll create the Japanese subtitles in you're preferred subtitling style.

We sync the Japanese subtitles to video and burn-in

The Japanese subtitles are added to your video and we encode the video in your desired file format.

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Japanese businessman watches TV series with Japanese subtitles.

Learn more about subtitling for the Japanese market

Japan is a culturally significant hub. This country is a unique phenomenon to many and an intimate fascination to others. Japanese cinema is one of the underrepresented greats – from 1950’s Silent films and Kurosawa Samurai-to the anime sensation that has enraptured the world.  

There are plentiful reasons to cater to this audience, as they are an affluent, media-hungry audience. Many of the top-grossing films in Japan are western, making use of professional Japanese subtitling services for localisation. 

Learning a new language can be challenging. Using subtitles on a piece of video content can be a great way to enhance the learning experience. Integrating technology into learning can be especially potent for such an industrious and tech-savvy country.

Coordinating the auditory information with subtitles can augment the learning process. This is another excellent reason to employ top-quality Japanese subtitling services.

Why Voquent?

By using our Japanese Subtitling Services, you are optimising your project for this dynamic market. Whether it be for an anime project, using our dubbing experience to subtitle in sync with character mouth movements. Or purely for helping open your work to those with hearing disabilities. We guarantee our expertly crafted Japanese subtitling services will enhance your project for any audience.

There is no reason that video content should be restricted from people based on their disabilities or language. The subtitles we provide are manually written by a human expert, as opposed to subpar machine generation. Unfortunately, these automatic subtitle translations are an industry standard of many of our competitors, which we exceed. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that your subtitles will be of a significantly higher quality.

Voquent's Japanese subtitling services will help you reach Japanese audiences, primary and secondary speakers alike.

Share your project with us now to get a quick no-obligation quote. 

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