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How to Start a Podcast Like a Pro

Talha Nisar

Talha Nisar

26 February 2024

How to Start a Podcast Like a Pro - Voquent

Social media helps a lot of people show and utilise their inner talent via podcasts.

These platforms provide the chance to interact with a larger global audience and to connect with like-minded individuals.

Through podcasts, they receive feedback and gain recognition for their skills, which might have been more challenging to achieve in the absence of such platforms. Podcasters also have the opportunity to monetise their content via ads or merchandise.

If you’re a beginner and just deciding to start a podcast of your own, this article will help you ensure a strong start. We’ll cover beneficial tips from industry experts about how to build a loyal and engaging audience, the secret to podcast success.


What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a serial audio or video program in which a podcaster invites a guest to discuss a particular social or trending issue, share their expertise, or provide insights on a subject of mutual interest.

It’s not quite the same as a radio show. Listeners can subscribe to the podcast and listen to it offline, anytime, or repeatedly, which is not possible with a radio program. Podcasts provide much easier access to the content of your choice.

Podcast being played on a smartphone.

Podcasting is a common medium for institutions looking to generate brand awareness or individuals aiming to raise awareness regarding particular subjects or earn money as a host.


Steps to Start a Podcast Like a Pro

There are a few factors that can make or break a podcast. You must know how to prepare the discussion, engage your audience, keep your advertisers happy, and provide a high-quality product.

Here are the basic steps that beginners must follow:


Planning Your Podcast (Choose Name, Niche, Audience, and Format)

It can be tough out there for beginners.

However, for new listeners, the first few episodes are crucial as they will decide whether to continue listening to your podcast or not.

Therefore, planning is paramount if you are looking for the long-term success of your initiative. You must plan for the niche, guests, graphics if filmed, and topics.

Additionally, the name of the podcast matters the most; it will initiate a query in someone’s mind, and the title should suggest if your podcast answers that question.

After niche and name, the format of the podcast also holds a major importance. You will decide whether it will be an interview, scripted fiction or on-fiction, news recap, educational, or co-hosted production.

It can be jarring for audiences to watch your podcast make major changes, so figuring out the answers to these questions before recording is essential.


Podcast Equipment and Software

Professional recording equipment for podcasts, such as a microphone, headphones, condensers, etc., are a few essentials required for producing premium-quality recordings.

Microphone and soundwave on a blue background.

However, you can take advantage of audio enhancer tools that are a great alternative to professional equipment when on a budget.


Recording a Podcast

There are a few mandatory preparations that you must make before recording the first episode. It will save you from rambling, which is the biggest mistake beginners in podcasting make nowadays. You will:


  • Write or type a script or outline of the first episode.
  • Time management according to the content.
  • Setting up the microphone and equipment.
  • Record and listen to a test track.


Edit Podcast Audio

Once you are satisfied that you have recorded a good podcast, which is often around an hour long, it’s time to edit.

Audio editing takes time and ability. For some, this is no issue when you have years of experience, but you don’t need to be an audio wizard to make a podcast.

The best and the most efficient way to edit a podcast recorded with ordinary devices and in an open environment is with the help of AI audio enhancer tools. These tools are proficient in removing background noise, cleaning up speech content, and adjusting the sound loudness and levels. The resulting output will be comprehensive and consistent and provide high enough quality without needing years of audio editing experience.


Create Podcast Artwork

“More than 62% of new listeners are more likely to listen to a podcast if they like its cover art”

Podcaster recording with her microphone and laptop.

Podcast artwork will be the first thing that audiences will see on the platforms you publish to. Your cover art must be eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Multiple online tools can prepare captivating and customisable cover images. However, some will require more image editing proficiency than others.

For those looking for a simpler solution, an online backdrop changer can be a valuable tool to quickly enhance or modify your podcast cover art without needing advanced editing skills.


Branding, Marketing, and Launching Your Podcast

In this age of intense competition, the marketing and branding of your entertainment-based start-up are of utmost importance.

For beginners, getting listed in the podcast directories will promote 50% of your podcast success and maximise your reach, as the majority of your new listeners will find your podcast among these directories – lost audiences often look online for reviews, recommendations, and guidance.

You can submit your podcast to Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. directories as part of your marketing strategy.


Gradual Growth Tips

Growing gradually is the ideal way to make your podcast game stronger among your audience. You can choose between “Fast or Soft Opening” strategies at the time of launching.

Multiple effective strategies can be employed to grow your listenership with time, for example, posting ads on social media platforms, joining social groups and forums, and localisation.

Releasing your podcast in multiple languages is a great way to grow your global audience. The use of voiceover in audio podcasts and dubbing in video podcasts will allow your project to reach every corner of the globe and open up new opportunities to earn ad revenue from around the world.

Did you know that only 18% of the world speaks English?



Concluding the above discussion about “how to start a podcast like a pro,” I want to say to beginners that you can be successful if you have the right direction.

If you follow the above-detailed steps and the related tips, you can successfully launch your podcast via the correct planning and strategy.

Putting the work into your podcast in advance will, in turn, lead to increased visibility, sponsorship opportunities, and potentially even a long career in podcasting – It’s all about launching your podcast with a BANG!


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Talha Nisar

By Talha Nisar

Talha Nisar excels at demystifying intricate technological concepts for a broad audience. His work is characterized by a deep-seated passion for technology, coupled with a talent for conveying complex ideas in a clear and accessible manner.

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How to Start a Podcast Like a Pro

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26 February 2024

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