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Norwegian Subtitling Services - Voquent

Norwegian Subtitling Services

Discover our range of Norwegian subtitling services to augment accessibility to your video content.

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We have the highest-quality Norwegian subtitling services on the market. Open your content to new horizons with accurate subtitles. If you are looking to access audiences in Norway, look no further! 

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About Norwegian Subtitling Services

Poor quality subtitles can be a serious problem. Providing a half-measure solution to the conundrum of accessibility is no solution at all. Low accuracy, poor quality, and badly synchronised subtitling can ruin the viewing experience for your disabled or foreign audiences - doing more harm than good! 

Quality subtitles are one of our specialities. Voquent's host of Norwegian subtitling services hone your project with attention to detail to replicate what is being said on-screen with correct timings and brilliant translations

Access is not a privilege; it is a right. That is why we work tirelessly to provide high-quality subtitling services for all languages we can. Many companies use automated tools to generate inaccurate results. We see the faults in this. We respect the need for this content, so we only utilise human linguistic professionals for our Norwegian subtitling services. 

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Our team examines the video and provide a quote.

We'll analyse your project and quickly put together a quote for the subtitling process.

We craft the Norwegian subtitles.

When agreed, we get to work on the Norwegian subtitles to your precise specifications.

We burn-in the Norwegian subtitles to the video content.

We will sync your Norwegian subtitles and then burn them into the video, and deliver in any file format.

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Black Norwegian man watches Netflix show with Norwegian subtitles.

Learn more about the Norwegian speaking market

Norway is a nation that borders paradise. Even compared to its European neighbours, the Norwegian people have an excellent standard of living. Per capita earnings in Norway exceed USD 70,000 - well above average!

A pinnacle of social democracies, Norway has excellent benefits for its citizenship. As a result, the disposable income of Norwegian people is higher than in most countries. More money to spend means more luxuries to indulge in - your content included!

Whether it be a training video for recruits in the industrial sector; or a new blockbuster for Norwegian audiences - the potential is limitless.

Of course, it's not as easy as just dropping your video content into this country. Accessing the Norwegian marketplace means localisation of your project to fit their preferences. 

Why Voquent?

There are countless subtitling studios out there, so how do Voquent stand out? 

Well, it's simple. We do it the best! Our Norwegian subtitling services are market-leading and never fall short of the mark. While other companies provide similar services, many of these will utilise automatic generation to produce the subtitles. 

While this may be quicker, it is also inferior to a human professional. Our team of linguistic experts ensure that each sentence is properly translated and makes sense within the context of your video. 

Don't wait around! Contact us today for a quick and easy no-obligation quote.

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