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Anime Dubbing Services

Access professional voices for Anime dubbing to reach new global markets.

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Anime dubbing services are a classic pairing. Transforming and altering this animated content for a brand new, international audience is a fantastic way to broaden the horizons of your product. Connect with Voquent to gain access to quality results on par with the world's best anime dubbing companies. 

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About Anime Dubbing Services

Anime dubbing makes this traditional Japanese art medium accessible to global audiences around the world. The industry around anime is massive; a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow year on year, rivalling even Western animation in popularity. 

This medium is one of Japan's most important exports, monetarily and culturally, as fans of these stories consume this media on a massive scale. Finding outstanding anime dubbing companies can be difficult - with many monolithic entities charging eye-watering costs for dubbing work. Fortunately, Voquent's anime dubbing services are second to none, using authentic multilingual or accented professionals for any anime dubbing project. 

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We will review your original anime's audio to put together a fair quote and turnaround time.

The anime's audio will be re-recorded with professional talent natively speaking your chosen language in high-quality audio.

We will tidy up the anime dubbing and seamlessly integrate it back into the video content, ensuring it is mixed to perfection.

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Discover Professional Anime Dubbing

The anime industry is growing all the time. Each year, the commercial success of this medium amplifies dramatically; not just within the borders of Japan, but on a worldwide scale. The appeal for this kind of cultural export in countless nations means that there is a significant demand for quality anime services that only anime dubbing companies like Voquent can provide. 

We provide you with the space to listen to our catalogue of professionals before you book them, through multiple samples in a range of styles, tones, and characters. Going with anime dubbing companies that lack the multifaceted services that Voquent provide can be disastrous - a poor translation or dubbing can be damaging. Its no accident that there is a wealth of lacklustre performances.

Perfect anime dubbing can exceed the original version in the eyes of the native speakers. There are some programmes that manage to hold their own against the original versions of the anime content. Full Metal Alchemist and Cowboy Bebop are just two of the most beloved anime dubbing jobs that are seen to outperform their source material. 

Reach out to Voquent today for top tier anime dubbing services, at an affordable price and lightning fast turnaround. 

Why Voquent?

Voquent are a world leader in Anime dubbing services and an outstanding partner for any project. Localizing content for a new audience is a tricky process, but fortunately, our wide network of professionals amplifies our capacity to reach new peaks in the pursuit of perfect anime dubbing.

Simply filter and search to reach any incredible speaker to perform as any character in your anime dubbing project. Search from our incredible directory and listen to unlimited numbers of candidates - all ready to work with you at a moment's notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What companies dub anime?

Anime Dubbing services are one of the most common forms of dubbing, with fans arguing about subs vs dubs constantly. With such intense demand, there are many companies producing anime dubbing. These organisations are typically fairly insular and settling in as go-to organisations can breed complacency and drive up prices. 

Voquent is always on the cutting edge of competition so we stay on our toes and can offer you the best prices and service in anime dubbing. Working with other companies means working with the same, high-cost speakers every time - Our elite network of professional voice actors are incredible experts from around the world, ready to provide you with the perfect anime dubbing services in any world language.

What does dubbed mean in anime?

Dubbed is a classic term in anime, referring to dialogue replacement in a new language - making the traditionally Japanese content accessible to new audiences, without the requirement for the viewer to read subtitles. Understanding what dubbed means in anime is fairly simple - although, what is interesting is the culture that exists around it. 

Most audiences prefer subbed anime, as it retains the quality of the initial audio - however, some programmes, like Cowboy Bebop have anime dubbing that is considered superior to the original. 

Working with a team of language experts is essential. Voquent is perfectly positioned to provide top tier anime dubbing services for your show. We have an elite directory of outstanding professional actors ready to provide you with incredible dubs for any language.

What languages are available for anime dub?

An anime dubbing is not restricted to English. Dubbing services are all about altering dialogue from one language into another to accommodate the viewer. Transforming your anime media to cater to demographics with an interest means that there is no limit to the language options. 

Voquent have voice actors speaking any world language so that you have the opportunity to reach any global market. The vast majority of anime dubbing studios out there only have the facilities to cater to select popular languages. Our experience and multifaceted services across dubbing and beyond mean that we have built the perfect network to tailor content to any country.

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