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Film Dubbing Services

Connect and craft the perfect adaptation through expert film dubbing services.

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Our film dubbing services offer unmatched quality in linguistic adaptation for any global audience. Craft and rework any media project in any language or accent to expand your audience exponentially.

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About Film Dubbing Services

Reaching international and foreign audiences is an incredible way to add value to a media project. Our film dubbing services rework the original audio to match any new language and then reimplements it into the film's audio mix so that it can be enjoyed around the world.

Where this was once restricted to the largest budget blockbusters, the proliferation of the internet has opened this service up to any filmmaker. Voquent provides film dubbing services to anyone, without the astronomical price tag that other film dubbing companies may attribute. 

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Provide us with the film content, and we will get to work assessing the job and putting together a quote.

We will record the audio for the content in need of dubbing, in any language you choose, in a high-quality format.

We will tidy the content and insert it seamlessly back into the film, ready for delivery.

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Discover Professional Film Dubbing 

Audiences continue to grow more tolerant and interested in foreign media. The success of titles like Parasite have showcased the appeal of Asian film in the Western world and beyond. These movies are made all the more accessible through incredible film dubbing services that open this content up to audiences that may not enjoy subtitles. 

Of course, many film dubbing companies are not well equipped to maintain high standards of results. Transforming established content from one language to another can be difficult to do - with some phrases not having a direct one-to-one equivalent. Balancing the act of keeping a language within the bounds of on-screen lip flaps while also professionally tailoring it to a new audience in a way that makes sense is difficult. 

Why Voquent?

Voquent circumvents these problems and go out of our way to ensure quality in every spoken word. Our wide directory of talented voice actors is ideally situated to lend their skills to any project. With partners all around the world, you can rest assured that each choice you make is backed up by a native speaker, ensuring your film dubbing is performed by an authentic expert. 

Filter and search for the perfect professional speakers, all ready and willing to lend their abilities to create an incredible viewing experience for new audiences all around the globe. Reach out today and add immense value to your existing content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dubbing in film?

Film dubbing is not a new thing but it is becoming ever more popular and accessible in the modern film industry. The act of dubbing refers to the altering of a film's dialogue, reworking, and re-recording the content for a different language. The goal is to seamlessly integrate the new recording into the movie - matching lip flapping motions as much as possible. 

Many film dubbing services can falter at marrying lip timings with competent translation. This is why Voquent are the go-to in film dubbing, as we use native professionals from around the world to perfectly match timings with absolute precision to linguistic differences between countries. 

How to dub a film?

A film dubbing project can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the strictness of the specifications. It may be that a professional voice artist needs to sync-to-camera, which involves the actor recording their performance in synchronisation with the speech of the screen actor. This will take multiple takes to get perfect, as the speaker aims to precisely replicate the mouth flaps onscreen and alter dialogue to ensure the translated content matches the timing. 

Other times, time restrictions and dialogue is enough, which will then be reimplemented onto the audio track in the editing stage. 

How to do dubbing for short films?

Short films are similar to any other feature in film dubbing processes. In fact, the majority of big-budget blockbusters use dialogue replacement for almost all speech. So it's not unusual to replace speech with VO later in production - film dubbing just requires the replacement speech to be from another language. Typically, syncing speech to a camera during recording is the way to go. Many organisations lack the ability to pull off decent film dubbing, fortunately, Voquent are experts in all things spoken.

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