More about foreign language voice overs

Voquent comprehensively categorises foreign voice actors from 250+ countries, speaking in a mind boggling 1,500+ dialects and accents.

Audiences today are less forgiving of content that isn’t spoken in their own language. Keep them happy and engaged with our excellent choice of Foreign speaking voice actors.

If you’re not sure what language to choose contact us and we will be delighted to advise. Keep in mind, it will be helpful to know the continent or region that your target audience is located.

As you browse the site, you can shortlist the voices you like to get an instant quote. Or call our projects team for recommendations.

Whether it’s a single voice in one language, or dozens of voices in multiple languages we will offer a rapid turnaround for voice selection, recording and post production. All at a price that won’t bust your budget.

Foreign voice over agency

Complimentary services

We also offer a range of services complimentary to foreign voice over recordings. We can transcribe the speech in an English speaking or foreign film. Then time-stamp the script and translate to any language. Once the translation is approved we can help with casting and recording to picture, including dubbing and lip-sync.

After the recordings are completed, we can also professionally clean & edit the audio, insert the audio into the video and mix with soundtrack. Or just deliver the raw audio files for your own team to edit.

Additionally we can help with localising any text animations in the video source files and we also offer closed captioning services.

Along with our BSL & Audio Description services, this makes your content completely accessible to audiences anywhere, whether they are hearing or visually impaired.

With Voquent, you get more than just another foreign voice over agency.

Foreign Versions