Voice over PowerPoint presentations

Voice over PowerPoint presentations with a professional narrator.

Get a professionally narrated PowerPoint presentation to keep bums in chairs and eyes glued to your message.


£60 per presentation

At Voquent we regularly voice over PowerPoint presentation for business. We create stunning presentations from scratch. Or improve existing presentations.

Adding a professionally voiced narration to a presentation will make even an average slide deck stand out from the crowd.

Further refinement to enhance your messages can be done before we add stunning images, fonts and graphs.

A professional voice over is recorded and inserted into PowerPoint slides and the transitions re-timed to match the narrative. The presentation is then converted to video.

Sharing the video on social media or a website is easy. You'll have a powerful presentation that never sleeps!

Voice over PowerPoint presentation process

voice over power point presentations

Provide us with the existing slide deck or copy. We'll quote for the voice over and design work.

voice over powerpoint presentations

Once the script is agreed, we record the narration and insert to PowerPoint. Then update the animation.

voice over powerpoint presentations

Once the PowerPoint is finished, we convert to video format. It's ready to share on the web and social channels.

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More about Voice over PowerPoint presentation

voice over powerpoint presentationsA video created with PowerPoint is a relatively simple and cost effective way to produce a stylish animation.

We've created animated videos for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter promotions, all using PowerPoint!

And they look as good as video content produced in expensive video editing packages.

A voice over PowerPoint presentation is a cost-effective way to produce social campaigns for Kickstarter. To raise the awareness of charities. Or  to create short social videos that get shares.


Create a Narrated PowerPoint presentation for

  • simple and effective videos
  • short clips for Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat
  • video presentations for your Facebook page
  • looping videos for events, YouTube and website
  • training presentation for internal use
  • and more!


narrated powerpoint presentation




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