Voice over PowerPoint presentations

Voice over PowerPoint presentations with a professional narrator.

Get a professionally narrated PowerPoint presentation to keep bums in chairs and eyes glued to your message.

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£60 per presentation

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At Voquent we regularly voice over PowerPoint presentation for business. We create stunning presentations from scratch. Or improve existing presentations.

Adding a professionally voiced narration to a presentation will make even an average slide deck stand out from the crowd.

Further refinement to enhance your messages can be done before we add stunning images, fonts and graphs.

A professional voice over is recorded and inserted into PowerPoint slides and the transitions re-timed to match the narrative. The presentation is then converted to video.

Sharing the video on social media or a website is easy. You’ll have a powerful presentation that never sleeps!

Voice over PowerPoint presentation process

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More about Voice over PowerPoint presentation

voice over powerpoint presentationsA video created with PowerPoint is a relatively simple and cost effective way to produce a stylish animation.

We’ve created animated videos for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter promotions, all using PowerPoint!

And they look as good as video content produced in expensive video editing packages.

A voice over PowerPoint presentation is a cost-effective way to produce social campaigns for Kickstarter. To raise the awareness of charities. OrĀ  to create short social videos that get shares.


Create a Narrated PowerPoint presentation for

  • simple and effective videos
  • short clips for Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat
  • video presentations for your Facebook page
  • looping videos for events, YouTube and website
  • training presentation for internal use
  • and more!


narrated powerpoint presentation