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101 Top Voice Over Websites

May 1, 2019

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101 Top Voice Over Websites

Updated October 2020.

If you’re looking for the top voice over websites, you’re in the right place!

Get our comprehensive list of the 101 top English voice over websites, to help you get more voice over work. It’s free to download too. Sweet!

At Voquent we love voice over work of all types and in addition to ourselves there are many different voice over websites that you might consider sending your recordings to.

Yes, at Voquent we offer a unique way for voice actors to broadcast their versatility. And yes, we offer space for up to 30 samples to show off your best voice over styles.

But if you’re still hungry for more opportunities we’ve researched, Googled, Binged and scoured our social networks on your behalf. All to bring you this comprehensive list of 101 Top Voice Over Websites!

Whether you’re just getting started or if you’re an experienced voice actor already, we hope this list will save you some time and make you more successful. There are hundreds more websites we could have included, but we’re sure that even seasoned voice over professionals will find a surprise or two in here. The list focuses on UK and US based voice over websites. These have traditionally been some of the most well established. Future guides will focus on national markets!


Different types of voice over websites

We’ve classified voice over websites into one of the following key categories:

1. General Freelance Peer to Peer (P2P) platforms

2. Voice Over P2P platforms (Pay to Play sites)

3. Studios / Agencies/ Production Companies

4. Exclusive Voice Agents



1. General Freelance Peer to Peer (P2P) platforms

voice over websitesP2P websites represent Web 2.0 companies with high traffic volumes seeking to be a central resource for ALL forms of freelance work of which voice acting is only a small percentage. Their offerings are all based on the same principle of connecting customers directly with contract workers, such as voice actors on a freelance basis. Because the job sizes listed on these sites are typically smaller, it often removes the need for a service provision layer in the middle i.e. an Agency. The average paying customer on general Freelance P2P sites often already have extensive internal resources and are cherry-picking adequate skillsets for the cheapest possible price. Or, the work itself is very straightforward.

These types of websites are not in direct competition with voice over agencies/ platforms such as Voquent. Their offerings and communities are mostly too broad, generalised and hands-off to have any significant impact on a specific industry, much less the voice-over market. Voice over projects often rely on multiple requirements and complexities to be handled e.g. physical studio locations; multiple languages and voices; project management; post-session audio editing work; and other forms of expertise that very few single voice actrors are able to offer.

P2P sites can offer good opportunities to voice actors willing to put the time into building their profiles and audition for high volumes of smaller opportunities. We’ve heard some great success stories, but the work – at least to begin with – is generally won on price, which not ideal for a more experienced and qualified voice actors.

2. Voice Over P2P websites

voice over websitesP2P voice over websites  (often referred to as “Pay To Play” sites) are almost identical to General Freelance P2P sites except they’re focused exclusively on the Voice Over market. Surprise!

The business model of these sites relies on ‘taking a cut’ of all of the incoming jobs posted by customers. They encourage voice actors to record bespoke auditions to secure work (often at the lowest price). The Voice Actors themselves often represent a substantial source of revenue for these sites as they also collect subscription revenues from voice actors and offer premium listing services.

At present, these voice over websites are still almost entirely focused on getting the customer to choose the voice actor and pay them direct or via an Escrow service. Knowing that the money will be paid gives some peace of mind to those voice actors concerned about small clients failing to pay on completion and delivery of work. The voice actor normally has a home studio enabling all of the work to be completed remotely and the customer is usually comfortable with casting and producing the content. This type of service is most commonly used by content creators who have the time and inclination to cast and produce the voice over directly themselves.

There are several well known P2P Voice Over sites that have gained dubious reputations over the years by becoming over reliant on voice actor subscriptions as their primary revenue stream and profiting from highly disproportionate margins of individual jobs whilst low-balling voice actors. Nonetheless,  professional voice artists who’ve invested in home studios and are prepared to maintain competitive rates can generate a very consistent source of earnings from some P2P voice over websites. Especially if they know how to market and sell themselves.

3. Studios / Agencies/ Production Companies

voice over websitesThere are thousands of voice over studios and voice over agencies worldwide. Most are niche organisations that started out as studios focusing on specific industries such as Anime, Video Games or Commercials. Others offer broader services such as Translation, Dubbing or Video Marketing.

Most studios and agencies provide a completed, managed service. A customer who is not comfortable with producing the audio themselves will benefit greatly from the assistance of any agency. Particularly if they need additional services such as script writing, script translation and post production.

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Many studios and agencies are also relied upon by casting agents for help. Especially if the agency has voices from a particular niche e.g. a language or local dialect.

The great thing about studios and agencies for voice actors is that generally there is no fee to pay to join. So by forming relationships with many agencies, even a small handful of jobs from each one on an annual basis can ultimately provide a very sustainable revenue stream at no cost at all. You can submit your compilation reels and if they agency likes you, they’ll keep you on their roster. And get in touch if you’re chosen for a project.

Creating a good relationship with agencies can for many voices lead to an easy stream of constant work.

4. Exclusive Voice Agents

voice over websitesExclusive voice over agents advertise themselves as premium organisations of high-status and reputation. Many have ‘exclusive contracts’ with the voice talent they represent. This may prohibit voice actors from working with P2P sites or Studio Agencies and Production companies but the benefit is that they will market-for and negotiate on behalf-of the voice actors.

Agents trade on the value of recognisable or celebrity voices and focus heavily on usage (royalty) terms. For many voices, getting an agent is the ultimate ‘win’ because voice actor can focus on perfecting the delivery of their work and less on time consuming administrative and marketing tasks.  Of course, this comes at a cost. Normally 15-20% of the fee. Some agents also charge fees to cover the cost of their marketing e.g. creating web pages, videos and more. Getting an exclusive agent makes a lot of sense for a well known and successful voice actors who don’t want the burden of running their own company. Overall, an agent is a great option if you want to focus purely on high-end projects, but it should be made clear that you may actually earn less overall than if you represent yourself.

Agents are a fantastic option for voice actors who don’t want to spend time on the business, freeing their time to pursue other work.


How to get the list

Don’t worry, we won’t ask you for any personal details. Just click the image link below to download the list of 101 voice over websites as a PDF file via


101 voice over websites


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