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Where to Find Free Voice-Over Scripts for Demos

Dylan de Koning

Dylan de Koning

19 June 2022

Where to Find Free Voice-Over Scripts for Demos - Voquent

A variety of Demo Samples is the best way to find success on Voquent.

When you provide Samples that feature multiple tones, mediums, and vocal characteristics, you are more likely to show up in a broader range of searches. Practising various types of voice-over scripts can also help improve your skills – Why stick to one niche?

Some will have a go at writing their own scripts, while others might hire a scriptwriter to work on a range of well-written content. However, adapting royalty-free scripts found online is the most common option.

Honing your skill takes practice and inspiration; pre-written material can be a great way to find content for your Samples. But you must find Demo scripts in a range of styles, that apply to various industries. But where do I find these sacred texts? Look no further!

It is essential to keep in mind that your Demo Samples are your opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Free Sample scripts are likely to have been used by many people before you, so adapting and customising scripts will go a long way in creating a unique profile.

When you’re exploring different types of voice-over scripts to practice, consider utilizing the expertise of the best writing services to ensure you have high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

The following is a list of voice-over script collections that can provide you with content for your Demos.


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Existing script libraries just aren’t what they could be – In the process of writing this blog, we realised that we could create an even better resource for voice actors than what’s already out there.

So, that’s exactly what we did.

The Voicereels.com library offers hundreds of scripts for aspiring and experienced voice actors to hone their craft, record demos, and create voice reels that land more jobs.

Use the search filter to specify the style, medium, and tone of the demo scripts you require. Each script also offers suggested vocal characteristics to heighten your performance, as well as the genres and character archetypes that match.

From character and commercial to business and narration, Voicereels has all the scripts you need. We made sure to include material that matches every medium and tone on the Voquent site – Providing variety in your demos has never been so easy.

Browse Free Demo Scripts


Voice Actor Websites

Voice actor websites have an impressive list of script categories to choose from, so you can include variety in your range of Demo Samples or in your Demo Reel. Samples of various lengths are included in this database, so you have plenty of options. Unfortunately, you can’t filter by length, so browsing the scripts is required to find the length you need within a particular medium.

Some of the many categories included are:

  • Audiobooks
  • Biographies
  • Character
  • Commercial (Dialogue, Kids, Promo, Radio)
  • Instructional
  • Narration (Animation, Classic, Financial, Technical)
  • + More!

Other voice actors (including you!) can upload their own scripts, so the entries are supplied by others in the industry. The database is continually updated with new Sample scripts and even new categories after they are requested to be added. Whether you are a professional looking to record or a student researching texts for textual analysis in association with great essay writers. Whatever your reason, with free access and no need for an account, getting your hands on a new voice-over script is easy.


Edge Studio

Edge Studio is a great resource for voice-over Sample scripts. Not only do they have an extensive database of options, over 6,000 scripts to choose from, but the site is also free to use. However, you must create a free account for access to more than the three example scripts the site initially shows you.

Edge Studio provides two main categories of scripts: Commercial & Narration. They also break down these categories into helpful sub-categories so you can find the type of voice-over script you require.

Commercial includes:

  • Automotive
  • Character
  • Political
  • Promo & Trailer
  • Retail
  • Travel & Entertainment
  • + More!

Narration includes:

  • Audiobook
  • Corporate, Explainer & Training
  • Documentary
  • E-learning & Education
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Tongue Twisters (great for practice and warm-ups!)
  • Tours & Travelogues
  • + More!

The best part about Edge Studio’s Sample script collection? Many of these scripts are very short, the perfect length for Voquent Demo Samples!


Stage Milk

Stage Milk has a great database of monologues that can be used for voice-over Demos. This works exceptionally well for character examples. When uploading Samples to Voquent, your voice is the only one we want to hear, so monologue scripts are great choices.

The monologue categories include:

  • Female Monologues
  • Male Monologues
  • Comedic Monologues
  • Shakespeare Monologues
  • Monologues for Kids
  • Monologues for Teens

Some examples might be too long, but the entire snippet of text is not always necessary when you can spot a natural point to stop reading. You might only want to use a few lines rather than the whole text.


School of Voiceover

School of Voiceover is another site with an extensive selection of voice-over Demo scripts. Their 3,000+ scripts are split between Commercial & Narrative as the two main categories, each with sub-categories.

The Commercial category includes:

  • Business
  • Food and Beverage
  • Health & Beauty
  • Retail
  • + More!

The narrative selection includes:

  • Audiobooks
  • Training Videos
  • Wildlife documentaries
  • Educational Videos
  • Inspiration & Relaxation
  • + More!

Not only are the scripts generally the perfect length for Demo Samples, and therefore an excellent choice for your Samples on Voquent, but the selection offers diverse examples. After all, showing off your range of characteristics is the best way to land jobs on Voquent. The entire range is also available to download in one file for convenience.


Sydney Voice Reels

The Sample voice-over scripts on Sydney Voice Reels are a less extensive resource than many on this list, but there is still distinct value in the site’s offerings. It contains some variety within the commercial voice-over industry, and all Sample scripts are short (Once again – these are great for Demo Samples!).

The categories include:

  • Friendly/ Soft Sell Voice-overs
  • Natural but Stronger
  • Music Promo
  • Education Voice-overs

The site does advise that you personalise the scripts to make them unique, especially as some have been taken from branded projects. This is also an essential step in making your Demos stand out from the crowd and should be applied regardless of your Sample source.

Have you used Voquent’s coronavirus script yet?

Voice Over Club

Voice Over Club provides a relatively large database of voice-over scripts for Demos, including hundreds of options. Not only are the scripts free to access, but no account is required. This database lacks medium variety, such as character and audiobook examples. However, they have plenty of options within the commercial sector, featuring many branded and short-form advertisement Sample scripts. Name-dropping a famous brand may reduce your credibility if you have not actually worked with them, so we would advise changing the brand names if this is the case.

There are scripts for brands such as:

  • Canon
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Pfizer
  • UPS
  • + More!

The scripts on this site are organised alphabetically and cannot be filtered should you require a specific style or industry. Some searching may be necessary to find the kind of Sample you’re looking for.



Voices provide a large collection of voice-over Sample and practice voice-over scripts, containing a varied range. There are two crucial benefits to this collection. Firstly, each script comes with category specifications which can help you understand how to deliver the performance. This includes age, gender, client, job description, art direction, medium, industry, and style. Secondly, there are many script categories to choose from.

They include:

  • Car Commercial
  • Explainer Video
  • Video Game
  • Movie Trailer
  • Narration
  • Podcast
  • + More!

As this is one of the more popular free voice-over script collections, these examples will be featured in the Demos of many other voice actors. For this reason, more adaption and personalisation of the scripts will be required to create a unique portfolio of Demos.


Monologue Blogger

For character and comedy scripts, Monologue Blogger provides a valuable collection. The database is not specifically for voice-over, but their audition, theatre, and film monologues can still be used as content for your Demo Samples. There are no commercial scripts, but the categories include:

  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Serio-Comedy
  • Teen Monologues from Plays
  • Kids

You can also search for monologues based on length, such as 30 seconds, the shortest option. If you’re looking for longer scripts, they have options for up to 3 minutes. The monologues are free, and there is no account required for access.


KR Cooley

KR Cooley provides an excellent collection of character scripts. These pages were written explicitly because it’s so much easier to find content for commercial mediums, but good character content can be hard to come by.

Each script is short, an ideal length for Demo Samples, and there are a variety of creative character examples within the fantasy genre, including:

  • Sword-master
  • Evil Wizard
  • Demon Lord
  • Excited Fairy

Although there are a limited set of characters, there are four different articles if you scroll to the related section of the page. All character Sample scripts are well written and allow for displaying many character traits and personalities.


Bunny Studio

The script Samples on this site require some adaption, but they also teach you how to do this. While some other sites on this list simply suggest changing the wording, Bunny Studio has a blog that accompanies the script examples to actually explain this process. If you are dead set on writing your own Demo Samples (which is a great idea!), this site will work well to guide you. The script categories include:

  • Travel Commercial
  • Video Game
  • Movie Trailer
  • eLearning
  • Narration Non-Fiction

While there is some Sample script diversity here in terms of the categories, there are only one or two examples for each one. However, each script example usually has versions of different lengths: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds, so you can find the duration required. We advise this site if you are new to the voice-over world and want to learn about narration as you create your Demo Samples, but the more advanced voice acting pros might want to skip the lessons.

Do you want to write your own scripts?

Sound Soda

This online script resource includes over 1,000 scripts to choose from. Access is free, and no account is required to see the entire library. However, scripts are divided into only a few categories, so it can be challenging to navigate toward a specific topic, length, or idea.

The categories are:

  • Children’s Commercial and Television Scripts
  • Beauty, Makeup, and Health Commercials
  • eLearning Voice-over Scripts
  • Audiobook, Book Summaries, and Voice-over Narration Scripts

Like other examples on this list, many Sample scripts here are branded. Avoid namedropping major companies you haven’t worked with by adapting the script.


Ween Studio

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Demos should not be overlooked. Have you ever called a company to be met with an automated phone menu? This is IVR, and it is becoming more and more common for both large and smaller companies who want to represent their brand with one voice.

The IVR sub-categories are:

  • Main Menu Greetings
  • After Hours Greetings
  • Holiday Greetings
  • Voicemail Greeting

While this site only provides IVR Sample scripts and a limited selection of examples, this is a beneficial resource. Creating IVR menus can be a complex process and difficult to get your head around, but you can find ready-to-use scripts here. They each include a short introduction where you can choose the name of the company and a set of IVR menu options.



Finding content for your Demo Samples can be difficult, but this list should provide plenty of options. Remember that versatility in your Samples is the key to success with Voquent. You want to offer Demo Samples for different industries with varied vocal attributes to appear in as many searches as possible.

It’s also important to get creative! Many of these scripts will have been used before, and the purpose of your Demo is to stand out and get you cast. Adaption, customization, and the re-wording of scripts are the key to unique content when you aren’t writing it yourself.


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Dylan de Koning

By Dylan de Koning

Dylan de Koning is a narrative writer, script reader and film buff from Scotland.

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