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How to become a Voquent Partner

For Actor Agents and Recording studios worldwide

Voquent are passionate about voice acting and we frequently work with other agencies and studios to give our clients access to outstanding and affordable voice talent worldwide.

We partner with:

Voice over agencies

We recognise that other voice over agencies have a wealth of experience and talent to offer and this combined expertise gives our clients the best service possible.

Actor agents

If you represent voice talent on an exclusive basis Voquent offers you an inexpensive and innovative way to promote them to a larger audience.

Recording studios

We work with studios all over the world for on location voice over recording projects. Your access to a local pool of voice talent gives you an opportunity to get more work for your studio.

Copywriters & translators

Writing or translating a voice over script is an art. We frequently partner with copywriters and translators to craft scripts that engage audiences worldwide.

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We put talented teams together to create captivating audio content.

More about becoming a Voquent Partner

We strongly believe that if you put the right mix of talent on a project it's impossible to fail.

Our mission is to accelerate audience engagement with the highest quality voice actors and we frequently partner with other industry experts and agencies.

What matters to us is giving our customers the best quality performance.

We're eager to hear from:

  • voice over agencies
  • actor agents
  • copywriters
  • translators
  • translation agencies
  • recording studios
  • audio engineers
  • video editors

Wherever you are based.