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Translation and Localization Services - Voquent

Translation and Localization Services

Tailor your project to global markets; translate your video, audio or gaming project to any language.

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Augment your messaging and access countless global audiences with Voquent's professional translation and localization services. Tailor your messaging into any language, or accent, across any type of project. The opportunity for success is immense, don't miss out.

About Translation and Localization Services

Media comes in all shapes and sizes, for all kinds of purposes, on all kinds of platforms. With such ubiquity across content, it only makes sense that massive appeal exists for it worldwide. Accessing a global market is difficult without professional help - which is what we do at Voquent.

With a wealth of options among our translation and localization services, there are countless options and combinations for adapting your work for any worldwide audience. Changing the language of each piece of media content requires a variety of skills that most organisations are not prepared to deal with. That is why we put our immense production experience into every stage of your project - animation, apps, video games; anything you need, we can help. 

Combining our translation and localization services with quality voice-over is another avenue you can explore with us - the opportunity is limitless.

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Discover our Translation and Localization Services

Reaching a global audience is essential in the modern era. Digital distribution and the connectivity of the internet makes reaching and connecting with global audiences easier than ever. With so much to gain, there is little reason to ignore this potential. 

Our translation and localization services are a powerful way to pivot your work for access by countless foreign audiences. It's as simple as you handing us the production elements of your content, define the extent of services you are looking for, and we get it done to quality on par with the original version. 

Each project is different; each platform comes with its own challenges and process. A video game localization will likely require a mix of translation of graphics, animations, menus, text, and even voice-over. In contrast, an audio localization project may be much more straightforward, with only audio being altered for a new language.

Why Choose Voquent?

Many companies work in this area; translation and localization services can be completed in various places, but these are not equal. There is a multitude of organisations that will utilise machine automation of their services. This methodology is quick, although that does not mean better; the quality is guaranteed to be inferior due to the lack of human input.

Vital context and nuance will be lost in these translations, which will lower the quality of your work and deter foreign audiences from enjoying your content. At Voquent, we only use our human production team of experts - you never need to worry about subpar services from us. We handcraft all of our services to retain our signature seal of absolute quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is localization services?

Localization services refer to the act of translating and reworking media from one language into another. Functionally, localization services enable media to cross the international language boundary to reach new global audiences. 

Many organizations are under-equipped to handle each element of a media project within the scope of their localization services. Many will resort to machine automation in translating or return a lower quality video to the customer. Fortunately, Voquent is a production company; we handle countless projects across all mediums - only use human professionals to generate translation and localization services. 

What we need for localization services?

The exact requirements on the customer end vary depending on certain factors. What platform will the project be on? Is it video, audio, interactive? What software was utilised for production?

We are here to help you sift through all the questions so that we can get started as soon as possible. After a quick chat about your project, we will need the production files (e.g. Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Final Cut Pro, etc.). 

That is all we need from your end; we will put our human experts on hand-crafting your localization services and preparing your content for delivery to any country, in any world language.

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