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How to Earn Money on YouTube and Maximise Your Profits: 3 Top Tips

Chloe McWhinnie

Chloe McWhinnie

9 January 2024

How to Earn Money on YouTube and Maximise Your Profits: 3 Top Tips - Voquent

In this modern era of online content creation, the quest to earn money on YouTube goes beyond merely uploading videos.

If you’ve already put in the hours fine-tuning your production quality, editing style, and started to gain a following, then it’s time to seriously investigate earning money on YouTube.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together three proven strategies to not only help you monetise your content but also teach you how to make more money on YouTube without making more videos.

Sounds ideal, right?


1. Understanding the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) should be considered your gateway to monetisation on YouTube, turning your passion into a sustainable income. To become a partner, your channel must meet certain eligibility criteria. The YouTube Partner Program requirements are:

  • Consistently following YouTube’s policies and guidelines
  • Have at least 500 subscribers, 3 video uploads in the last 90 days, and 3,000 watch hours in the past 12 months or 3 million views on shorts in the last 90 days.
  • Upload content that follows the platform’s copyright rules

Tablet displaying the YouTube logo, camera, and tripod.

Once your channel has met these requirements, you can apply to join the YPP. Although the approval process can be lengthy, once you are accepted, you are free to begin earning money on YouTube through sponsored advertisement, channel exclusive memberships, and monetisation.

How much money do you earn on YouTube?

Earnings on YouTube are extremely diverse and depend on multiple factors, such as your niche, audience engagement, language, and ad placement. However, advertisements on your videos tend to contribute significantly to your overall revenue. The more engagement and views your videos receive, the higher your potential earnings will become.

It is still important to diversify your revenue sources through channel memberships, Super Chat during live streams, and YouTube Premium. Most successful content creators have multiple income streams on YouTube to create a stable financial ecosystem and maximise their earnings.


2. Unlocking the Power of Dubbing

For content creators looking to expand their reach and boost views, dubbing is a game-changer. If your channel is already part of the YouTube Partner Program and has access to YouTube’s multi-language audio track feature, then dubbing can be used to greatly enhance your content’s accessibility and allow foreign-language speakers to watch your content.

YouTube’s multi-language capability was previously restricted to subtitles, forcing creators to create separate channels for each target market. With the upgraded multi-language feature, only ONE channel is needed, allowing you to add audio tracks in almost any language to your videos.

The best part? Multi-language audio allows you to make more money on YouTube without making more videos.

How do I Implement Dubbing for More Views?

The good news is dubbing is not a hard task with services like Voquent. With over 600 languages at your disposal and an incredibly smooth and hassle-free turnaround, it’s never been easier to take your content to the next level and appeal to people in Japan, Mexico, Brazil or India. Many well-known creators have jumped into the world of dubbing, such as Mr Beast and Utsav Techie.

With over 90 million cumulative views on YouTube, Utsav Techie produces content on all things tech – from breaking news to product analysis. While his original content was in Hindi, Utsav soon began venturing into the world of dubbing, experimenting with different languages based on a simple analysis of his audience. Now, the top videos on Utsav’s channel, with the highest audience engagement, use multi-language audio and subtitles.

Mr Beast follows a similar approach, putting a lot of time and effort into ensuring his videos are easily accessible to a wider audience – and with over 165 million subscribers, we’d say his investment is paying off.

But why does Mr Beast spend so much time dubbing his videos?

One of the main reasons he has explained is that dubbing allows him to reach a wider global audience of non-English speakers. By dubbing his videos into multiple languages, such as Spanish, French, and German, he can expand the scope of his videos and allow new audiences to enjoy his YouTube content without the need for subtitles.

Discover Voquent’s Dubbing Packages

Both Utsav Techie and Mr Beast have capitalised on the value of multilingual content creation, allowing them to build better connections with their audiences. With YouTube investing more into these features and the availability of websites like Voquent, which created their range of professional dubbing packages to satisfy any budget, publishing multilingual content on the platform has never been easier or more affordable.


3. Diversify your revenue streams

While the YouTube Partner Program and multi-language features are a tremendous help in making money on YouTube, it is still important to add stability to your income by having multiple revenue streams.

Many creators choose to do this through Merchandise, Crowdfunding, or Affiliate Marketing.

Creating and selling branded merchandise relating to your channel or content provides viewers with a visible connection to your channel and adds to your revenue stream. Many creators sell various items, from custom t-shirts/hoodies to mugs and keychains – all with your personal branding. It is an excellent way to both strengthen your community and generate more money on YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing: Monetise Brand Collaboration

Collaborating with brands by promoting their products in your videos is common in the YouTube sphere. Creators are often given affiliate links to help them earn a commission for every sale generated through their channel or their unique code, usually offering their viewers a discount.

YouTuber advertising shoes in a brand collaboration video

Promoting products related to your niche will help monetise your YouTube channel and increase the likeliness of your audience’s participation.

Promoting relevant products is essential. For example, you’ll likely never see Utsav promoting beauty products as it is entirely irrelevant to his content, and his audience is unlikely to respond to it.

He would, however, work with brands such as Amazon, Google, or Apple as they are relevant to his niche – tech.

Crowdfunding: Direct viewer support

Using platforms like Patreon on your channel is another popular way to generate more income on YouTube. By offering Patreon-exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, and special perks, creators can encourage viewers to subscribe monthly for a more in-depth view of your channel and community.

Creators offering Patreon subscriptions to viewers often include tiers or membership levels, with each stage offering different perks. The benefits can be anything from personalised shout-outs in your next video to direct interaction from the creator yourself. This structure not only incentivises viewer support but further helps to deepen your connection with your most committed subscribers.



Maximising your profits on YouTube will require strategic planning and a deep-dive analysis of your audience. The YouTube Partner Program is undoubtedly a cornerstone, allowing you access to monetisation, but don’t stop just there.

Embrace the global community and increased viewership you will gain from dubbing your videos, and learn from successful creators who have paved the way and found extreme success through their multilingual content.

Remember, the key to making more money on YouTube is finding more viewers, so why not allow the world to enjoy your content in their native language and start your dubbing journey now?


Explore Dubbing Packages

Chloe McWhinnie

By Chloe McWhinnie

Chloe is an automotive journalist from Scotland, with a passion for all things cars and a love for reading.

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