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          Professional Script Translation Services

          Tailor your script to appeal to international markets

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          Why Voquent?

          Excellent language solutions for your business are our business, from voiceover to localisation. For years we have worked tirelessly to become the ideal partner for translation services across a plethora of languages.


          Harnessing the power of The Voquent Network, we can adjust media for any global market through our elite team of verified translators and professional voice talent.

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          Order Industry-defining Scriptwriting Translation Solutions, and scale your projects for the best possible price.

          Technologically Augmented Project Management

          Expertise in language is at the core of all Voquent services, from voiceover to localisation. Hire industry-defining translation services at a competitive price, across a massive array of services.

          Technologically Augmented Project Management
          Quality Assurance

          Market-Leading Quality Assurance

          Our quality assurance procedures filter translation projects at multiple stages of development. With constant vigilance, our verified translators and coordinators manually review each and every project during, and at the end of development. So nothing slips through the cracks.

          The Voquent Network

          Voquent has an outstanding roster of trusted, verified translation specialists, servicing a plethora of languages. Our established and expansive circles provide the opportunity for us to connect with regular partners in top translation services; our great relationships amplify our abilities.

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          Trusted by thousands of the world's top brands

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          The depth and breadth of talent were impressive especially considering the number of languages and accents available.

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          They had outstanding communication and updates through the whole process.

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          The vendor was very professional and friendly.

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          Scale project

          Scale your projects at the lowest possible rate.

          Our team uses advanced translation technology to reduce overheads and streamline operations. Our strict onboarding verification process keeps The Voquent Network at the highest quality possible. We only allow the best to work on your projects.

          No matter your requirements, we have script solutions to suit you. Our elite database of professional translators and voice over talents specialise in a massive array of languages – providing you flexibility in the services you need and receive.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          What is script translation?

          Script translation is an art performed by an experienced writer qualified in translating one language pair, e.g. English > German. Their job is to take the content in the source language and translate it into the target language, ensuring the message and meaning remain intact. A script translation is often not verbatim because jokes and colloquialisms used in speech need creative adaptation into the target language. For this reason, a script translator will specialise in specific genres or mediums such as role-playing games, horror films or commercials. They will take great care to translate matching new time constraints too.

          How to translate a film script?

          Translating a film script for dubbing in a foreign language is a multi-stage process. An experienced script translator will first translate the words line by line, bearing in mind the time constraints and the tone. Then in collaboration with a native linguistic director, the script is further adapted to match the actor's lip movements more closely. 1A 00% match is never possible, but subtle word changes go a long way to help the actors read at the same rhythm, and it will be less jarring for audiences.

          Translating a film script for off-screen roles, such as a narrator's voice, is more straightforward. In our process, we'll test a few script translators to help narrow down the best one for the project.

          How much does script translation cost?

          A script translation is much more involved than translating text documents because the actor must perform the script aloud. 

          A word for word (verbatim) translation will sound stilted, unnatural and at worst contextually wrong. Script translation requires creativity and more research. Expect to pay anything from 50-100% more for a quality script translation service. We recommend setting a budget comparable to hiring a quality writer (from around $0.5 per word). Still, the actual rate will depend on the language pair, genre, and the number of revisions expected.

          Can you translate a voice recording into a script?

          Yes, as long as the speech is audible. First, a transcriptionist will transcribe the voice recording into a timed-text format divided into time-stamped sections for easy reference. Then a qualified translator in the target language and with relevant industry knowledge will do the translation work. The script translation is usually delivered as a multilingual document, i.e. with the source language and target language alongside the reference times. 

          If the voice recording is of poor quality, we can attempt to clean up the file to isolate the speech, but we will need more time.

          How can I translate Arabic scripts into English?

          Translating Arabic scripts into English follows the same process as any other language pair. A native English translator with Arabic language skills will do the bulk of the translation work. Then, depending on the desired investment in quality assurance, a senior translation manager will do 1 or 2 levels of quality checking. Of course, suppose the English version has to match a picture, e.g. a film, TV series or commercial. In that case, the translator will adhere closely to the timings ensuring the voice-over talent or voice actors can read the English script naturally in time with the Arabic actors or narration.

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