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Visual Communication: How Explainer Videos Can Accelerate the Adoption of Eco-Friendly Technologies

Ameer Hamza

Ameer Hamza

14 August 2023

Visual Communication: How Explainer Videos Can Accelerate the Adoption of Eco-Friendly Technologies - Voquent

Video production is about so much more than crafting appealing visuals—it’s about effectively communicating powerful narratives to audiences.

As more businesses strive to implement eco-friendly initiatives and technologies, the role of visual communication, particularly explainer videos, has reached a new level of importance. Explainer videos simplify complex concepts to create a connection with viewers and inspire action.

For companies keen to become more eco-conscious, explainer videos are more than a simple marketing tool. They are a means to foster a sustainable mindset across entire organisations, accelerating the much-needed transition towards a greener future. This article explores how video production, particularly explainer videos, is aiding the promotion of eco-friendly technologies.


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The Power of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are powerful. For example, over 80 per cent of businesses reported increased sales when using animated explainer videos. So, why do explainer videos, in particular, hold this much power when it comes to communicating narratives? Here’s a breakdown of why:

Communicate Clearly

The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, meaning visual storytelling is a far more effective way to convey information to viewers. Explainer videos are particularly impactful, as they provide viewers with a lot of information over a short period of time. But the key lies in distilling complex ideas into bitesize content that is easy to understand, making explainer videos ideal for explaining complex eco-friendly technologies.

Brand Awareness

Explainer videos aren’t just a way to bring attention to eco-friendly technologies; they are also a fantastic way to create brand awareness. For example, creating an animated eco-friendly technology explainer video in your brand colours has dual benefits. It informs the viewer about eco-friendly technologies and initiatives and keeps your brand in their mind, consciously or unconsciously.

Engage Viewers

Explainer videos are also engaging. A well-made explainer video will keep your viewer engaged all the way through, increasing the chances they absorb your message and heed your call to action. But that’s not all—this engagement can translate to better SEO performance. One study revealed that having one explainer video on your web page makes it over 50 per cent more likely your website will show up on the first page of Google!


Explainer videos are incredibly versatile as they can be tailored to fit various platforms. For example, upload them to YouTube, post them on social media, include them in your next email newsletter or integrate them into presentations to spread your eco-friendly message far and wide.

Create Strong Emotional Connections

The combination of visual storytelling, music and a soothing voiceover captivates viewers and appeals to their emotions, ensuring your message really hits home. Creating a strong emotional connection increases the likelihood that viewers embrace eco-friendly technologies.


The Connection Between Animation and Eco-Consciousness

Most of us are concerned about the future of the planet; we want to make collective changes to create a greener future for all. Animated explainer videos are particularly powerful tools to bring abstract concepts to life, making them relatable and more impactful. Animation helps to illustrate the magnitude of the problem, neatly demonstrating the negative effects of inaction on climate change in a digestible but highly impactful format. For example, YouTube channels such as Kurzgesagt are a great example of how animation brings complex concepts to life.

Additionally, animation can personalise the issue, allowing viewers to see the potential effects in communities that matter to them. This localised perspective fosters a much deeper connection to the problem and is usually more effective at spurring individuals into action.


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Sustainable Video Production: Getting Started

Now that we’ve explored the power of explainer videos in communicating the importance of eco-friendly initiatives and technologies, it’s time to delve into how to get started on a video project that aligns with your company’s sustainability goals:

Review the Video Company’s Environmental Policies

Many businesses choose to outsource video production to a corporate video production company, as they have all the knowledge and expertise to create an impactful video that meets your goals. But it’s important to work with a video production company that prioritises sustainability within their own operations. Ask about their environmental policies before agreeing to work with a video production company. A truly sustainability-focused company will have clear guidelines on eco-friendly practices, such as renewable energy, minimising unnecessary travel and recycling.

Select a Video Production Company with Carbon Accreditation

It’s important to work with a company that doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to sustainability. For this reason, you should choose to work with a sustainability-focused video production company that participates in carbon-offsetting programmes or other holds other climate accreditations. While these schemes aren’t the solution to climate change, they are a positive step in the right direction.

Go Local or Remote

Travel is a significant contributor to carbon emissions, so working with a local company or collaborating remotely will reduce your company’s negative environmental impact. For example, if your business is located in Brighton, work with a Brighton video production company. If working with a local company isn’t an option for whatever reason, then collaborate with your chosen video production company remotely wherever possible. The beauty of video calling applications such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams is that you can work effectively without having to be in the same room. No long trips or unnecessary fuel usage—it’s a win-win situation!

The same goes for hiring freelancers such as voice actors. Voquent works with talent all over the world from their remote home studios, so you can find the perfect brand voice without the need to be on location or compromise your environmental policies.


Final Thoughts

Explainer videos, whether they are live-action or animated, are a powerful tool when it comes to inspiring climate action. By leveraging the power of visual storytelling, explainer videos help to distil information about complex eco-friendly technologies into bitesize chunks. This allows the audience to easily understand their potential power and impact. However, working with an eco-friendly video production company is essential to meet your company’s sustainability goals. The good news is that many companies take climate concerns very seriously and implement policies to make positive changes wherever possible. The future of visual communication is green—there’s no doubt about it!


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Ameer Hamza

By Ameer Hamza

SEO Specialist/Content Writer at Brick Digital, a marketing agency based in London.
Ameer blends data insights with a passion for Green Living. His articles empower readers with practical knowledge, From reducing carbon footprints to embracing renewable energy, Ameer’s mission is to drive positive change by promoting greener choices by collaborating with eco-friendly brands.

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