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The Voquent Process: Translation

Michael Sum

Michael Sum

8 September 2023

The Voquent Process: Translation - Voquent

Our procedure for translation services has a lot of moving parts, so here is some insight into how it all works.

High-quality voice over translation isn’t a process that just “falls together”. A carefully constructed procedure is at the heart of any perfect translation project, and it is our goal to illustrate this and help our partners and clients understand each of the crucial elements involved.


Why Translate?

Reaching a larger audience can multiply the success of any business, and connecting with new customers is easier than ever. Pushing your content globally requires a professional translation service and attention to detail – it’s never as simple as a word-for-word conversion, and maintaining the impact of your project’s message across all language variations is essential.

From untranslatable phrases to strict time codes, your content is bound to run into translation hurdles, and that’s where we come in.

Voquent’s professional experience and authenticity with world language localisation, dialects, and accents position us perfectly to offer the highest calibre of translation in voice over and beyond. Serving over 600+ officially recognised languages and 1700+ accents, working with our network of native talents and verified translators is your first step in taking the world by storm.

Language & Medium Graphic


What’s Involved?

Our translation process is designed to ensure the best value and quality in the industry. Voquent’s dedicated, in-house, project management team carefully coordinate with our translation partners to provide results to match your requirements.

Learning about each stage of the process lets you know how we adapt your content for new languages.



From the moment you start working with us, our specialist team are on the ball, lining up what needs to be done and then making it so!

In concept, this sounds fairly straightforward – but in practice, it can become incredibly difficult for lesser experienced teams to juggle. This matters. Inefficient pipelines mean translation projects become more time-consuming, more stressful, and more expensive.

Our team is trained to juggle numerous complicated projects, with an assortment of translators all working concurrently. By constantly evolving The Voquent Network with an influx of vetted translators, we are able to quickly proceed with projects that could take other organisations a long time to get started – a streamlined approach.

Using professional-grade Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools means that our in-house team are able to make changes according to client preferences without having to start the translation process over. So, if you have any last-minute changes to the script, don’t worry! It’s no hassle, and won’t send us back to square one.

Translation Process Graphic


Quality Assurance (QA)

Project Managers have a full suite of QA tools in our CAT tools, allowing us to perform checks on everything from the most basic grammar errors or typos, all the way through to awkward phrasing in specific languages. If any issues slip through the cracks, this is where they are caught and then returned to the translator for review and correction. Having ultimate oversight over the projects allows our team to make the best, well-informed decisions.

From here, our team exports the translation and puts it through another rigorous round of manual QA checks. This stage ensures there is no missing content, formatting errors, or problems with the timing; proofreading is a crucial final review of content that keeps the quality high.

Translation Industry Graphic


The Voquent Network

Everything begins with recruiting experienced translators with the right industry knowledge. Working with top translators is an essential step in the Quality Assurance (QA) process.

Our network is built of three circles of translators:

Translation Network Graphic


1. Established Relationships with Professional Translators

Voquent has worked with outstanding translators and developed lasting relationships to streamline the translation process. There is no replacement for experience, especially in this industry – that applies to both the translator and the localisation manager coordinating with them.

Our head of localisation, Fiona Woodford, has worked in the translation industry for 15+ years, working with thousands of translators, and can vouch for their quality.

Learn more about Fiona’s process here.


2. Expanding Our Circle

We have fostered an excellent relationship with sub-contractors. Voquent is defined by its ability to grow and expand its network, creating new relationships with talented people across a wide array of languages.

Our inbox is always full of emails from linguists from around the world, looking to work with us. We extensively verify these contacts and collect references before adding them to our database. This keeps the quality of our network as high as possible while also having the flexibility to quickly source professional translators in any language.


3. Active outreach and networking

Being prepared for any situation is a core philosophy for Voquent. As a result, we are constantly working to find new partners to ensure we have a multitude of options for any project.

By investing in our social media presence and remaining active on industry networking sites, we can seek out new translation partners. Some of these sites even pre-vet their translators, which can speed up the onboarding process.


Onboarding Verification

Retaining consistently high quality across all languages is part of the Voquent experience. We employ a rigorous onboarding process to ensure that our services are perfectly aligned with our clients’ requirements.

While we are always verifying new translation partners, we prioritise language pairs and industry specialists based on what our client base needs.

Here are the verification steps:

Onboarding Graphic

1. Experience and Qualifications

The best indication of a translator’s ability is in their history and examples. We collect information and examples showing our translators’ qualifications and capabilities to gauge whether they meet the mark to work with us. By assessing and reassessing these parameters, we can ensure our clients are never dissatisfied with our services.

In short: we want the best and never accept anything less.

2. English Fluency Assessment

Cooperation in project management is essential. Ensuring our translation partners are able to effortlessly communicate with our team of in-house experts is the key to each stage of a translation project. Incredible coordination improves the quality, speed, and effectiveness of projects we work on – so every translator we work with is tested to ensure they can write fluently in English.

We don’t want miscommunications to hold us back.

3. Determining Rates

Our customers deserve the best, most fair rates for their projects. That is why we compare potential partners’ rates against the industry standard and negotiate for the best deal. We factor in the target and source languages and then work to reach the ideal price point for our clients.

Offering industry-leading rates is one of many reasons clients love Voquent.

4. Non-Disclosure Agreements

Everyone has a right to privacy. Our mission revolves around privacy in all forms – this extends to our customers. Onboarding partners must sign our standard non-disclosure agreement to protect our clients’ information and the sanctity of their projects.

Nothing is more important to us than trust.

5. ID & References

Watertight accountability and trustworthy translators can only be guaranteed through official credentials. We request our partners provide a government-issued ID and two professional references from companies they have worked with before. By reaching out to these contacts, we ensure that there is no wiggle room in their ability to get the job done.


Once these requirements are met, we can accept an application and remain confident that our translation network embodies excellence.


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Michael Sum

By Michael Sum

Marketing Specialist and resident Content Monkey at Voquent. Michael has a lifelong passion for gaming media and bases his personality on whatever game he's currently playing.

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