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Unorthodox Voices - Voquent

Unorthodox Voices

Unorthodox Voices describe the alien and monstrous vocalisations beyond earthly comprehension.

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The Unconventional and Unusual

Have you ever heard a voice so unearthly that it makes your skin crawl and your hair curl? This effect is the unorthodox tone of voice, a vocal performance that sounds distinctly fantastical and unhuman.

What exactly creates an unorthodox voice? In most cases, the voice audio is pitch-shifted with FX applied to make them more monstrous, demonic, or robotic. The sound effect will reflect the creature's size. This could be a giant with an extremely low pitch. Or a ghostly knight that carries an unholy rasp. Demonic growls and gnashing Orcs are typical of fantasy, but with a little reimagining, there is no reason they can't be high-pitched. Imagine mad clowns or the cacophony of a malfunctioning android. The possibilities are endless.

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s unrivalled online service quickly connects customers with experienced voices of all types, tones and characteristics.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of vocal projects.

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Undead figure beckons and speaks in an Unorthodox Voice.

More about Unorthodox Voices

There are some sounds so unusual that they cannot be human. These can range from monstrous to completely alien - this is the unorthodox tone.

Strange-sounding voices create an ominous feeling of dread in the audience. When something does not sound human, it is not trusted, possibly consumed with evil intent. So, whether the voice sounds slithery or throaty, screechy or howling, tinny or sonorous, it is not a voice you would hear at Sunday church without wetting your pants. 

These voices stir up a sensation of uncanniness - the unsettling feeling of general terror that things are not quite as they seem. This is a sensation that is, at times, indescribable - so alien as to create an aura of unwelcome-ness. 

What is the Unorthodox tone?

It is hard to precisely outline what is unorthodox, as it is not necessarily an exact category. For something to be considered unorthodox it must be outside of the normal. 

Unorthodox voices can stir fear in the hearts of listeners, triggering their fight-or-flight response. Such vocal performances can have two effects: they can make you want to run for your life or lock you into place. This is best done with genuinely skilled voice actors to deliver such a performance. These speakers should be better suited to pulling off the most unexpected voices.

So far, this is all sounding very sinister! Of course, you can use unorthodox voices in a less evil capacity. Animations and videogames with a fantasy or sci-fi setting frequently require characters with an unusual tone. Audiobooks or audio dramas in the horror genre. Or animations with talking animals. 

If you need voices that sound out of this world, an unorthodox voice-over is the answer.

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