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Conversational Voices

A Conversational Tone of voice makes your message instantly relatable.

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Authenticity Starts With Conversation

Conversational voices are highly sought-after for commercials, explainers, and audiobooks. To sound relaxed and relatable when reading someone else's script aloud is one of the most challenging voice-overs to perform, especially for less experienced speakers.

It sounds simple, but matching the way you may talk to a close friend for a project is far from easy. Authenticity is key in this tone, which requires a tremendous amount of skill. 

A voice actor with experience in the conversational tone is the best choice to guarantee quality. Our catalogue has what you need, in any language or accent. So your content can feel like a relaxed chat, no matter where in the world you target.

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s unrivalled online service quickly connects customers with experienced voices of all types, tones and characteristics.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of vocal projects.

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Two travelling friends clasp hands in conversation.

More about Conversational Voices

Acting natural requires years of dedicated practice. It isn't enough to just come across casually; you need personality too. A true conversationalist can make a chat about the weather into a relaxed, engaging and interesting conversation.  

Authenticity is the beating heart to the conversational tone. Sounding down-to-earth and relatable is more than coming off as cool. It instils trust and allows your audience to identify with the message and feel a connection.

Conversational voices get an audience hooked because it feels like the speaker is uniquely targeting them. It is a personal exchange that feels more like a direct engagement than a broadcast.

What is a Conversational tone?

A standard method of delivering voice content is a monologue, where the voice expresses their thoughts aloud. For the conversational tone, this is inherently tricky. After all, a conversation consists of two or more people. Success in this format is to present the monologue almost as if it is one half of a conversation. This spurs thoughts of responses in the viewer's mind - a brilliant way to keep them hooked on your every word.

Even if your promotional piece consists of two voices conversing with each other, the charisma exuded by the voice artist will make the talk a joy for the audience to behold - keeping them engaged with the advertisement.

A conversational tone can use a variety of tricks to sound smoother. Frequently employing colloquialisms to put the listener at ease and interjecting the flow can provide a more casual feel. Although this may not appeal to corporate projects as much, a more formal lexicon may be better for professionalism.

The overall objective is to help the audience let down their defences and feel comfortable with your speaker. Ensuring your message become evermore poignant in their minds whilst matching the stylistic choice of your project.

Allowing the audience to feel involved in your messaging is tricky. Many amateur voices will fail to balance the conversational tone with the professional messaging. Our catalogue of talented voice actors are experts in reconciling a message's tone with its purpose. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There are even more things to consider when finding your perfect conversational tone. Age, interest, industry, and more. It is important to us that your video content is as high quality as possible. Using a service like Voquent will eliminate the risk involved in independently sourcing voices for your project. 

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