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UK Voiceovers

Are you looking for the best UK voiceovers? Good news, your search ends here!

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About our UK Voiceovers

Voquent.com is a UK-based voiceover agency with 100% native British voice talents. Browse tens of thousands of professionally recorded Demos speaking with various regional UK dialects.

We test and approve every voiceover talent on Voquent ensuring their capability and home studios are top-notch. Look out for the blue verified icon if audio quality is your priority.

Alongside experienced producers and audiovisual engineers, verified voices save you time reviewing and rejecting freelance voice talents with inadequate setups. The extra due diligence is why top directors, advertisers, and educators flock to Voquent's team for casting all their UK voiceovers.

Going direct isn't necessarily cheaper, and it's a lot more work! We can record in any major UK city with studio partners throughout the UK, from London to Glasgow or Cardiff to Leeds.

Why Voquent

Voquent's innovative UK voiceover services quickly connect customers with experienced talents and studios from any UK city.

We make voiceover casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or in hundreds of locations worldwide.

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Learn more about UK Voiceovers

Voquent provides professionally approved UK voiceovers for media of all kinds. TV commercials, radio ads, corporate videos, explainers, e-learning & education, IVR telephone prompts and messages, animation dubbing, video games, audiobooks, and more.

Here's an example of our UK Voiceover work.

Case Studies:

Business Moves with Adobe Sign commercial
We were thrilled to work with Adobe on its series of Document Cloud commercials. The campaign's focus was on illustrating how easy it is to share and collaborate using Adobe's cloud-based tools. We had to beat out hundreds of other UK voiceover agencies to land this project.

Tips for finding a student HMO flat in Edinburgh in 2022
Cullen Property asked for our help as they needed a voiceover for their student property waiting list, with a quick turn-around. The content offered helpful tips to students looking for hard-to-find HMO properties and provided their list as a solution.

“We received audio files promptly, and they needed no revisions!”. Discover Cullen Property’s review of our services here and many more from various global and UK voiceover projects.

On location or online
We're here for you. Anywhere. When you need an experienced UK voice talent on-site in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, or Brighton, our vast studio network will get you up and running in no time.

Most of our UK voices also have home studios, tested and approved by our team.

So, whether you're casting a premium video game title, cinema commercial, or banking IVR system, we've got the voice talent and studios to deliver.

Are you a UK Voiceover talent?
To join Voquent, sign up free now! Upload your best audio clips to be discovered by top brands and entertainment companies worldwide. Whether you have a home studio or record at a local recording studio - we have exclusive opportunities not available on other casting platforms. Don't miss out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do UK voiceovers cost?

The answer to this question depends on the project. Voquent work with an extensive database of talented voices with varied rates and experience. The cost of UK voiceover for your content will also be affected by length, medium, and usage. The best solution is to contact our team directly and tell us about your project for an accurate quote.

Where to find UK voiceovers

Voquent works with professional talent-based all around the UK. All regional accents and dialects can be found in our extensive catalogue of speakers from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Simply browse our database, listen to Demos, and discover the top UK voiceovers for your project.

How to get into voiceover work in the UK

We offer a free-to-join platform for UK voiceover talent. After creating an account, upload demos of your best work to be found by the industry’s top casting directors. Exciting new projects require UK voiceover work, so sign up today and get started!

Who are the top UK voiceover agencies?

There are many UK voiceover agencies to discover. To make this search a little easier for both casting and finding work, we compiled a list of the top voiceover websites worldwide. Many freelance, P2P, commission-based, and more types of agencies for UK voiceover and beyond are within the list for your convenience.

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