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English Voice-Over Talents

Strike the proper tone with a native English voice-over talent for universal appeal in your advertisements, film, or gaming projects.

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About our English Voice-Over Talents.

Finding the perfect native English voice-over professional should be easy. England is a developed nation, so anyone with a microphone, PC, and internet connection can claim to work in "voice-over". Yet, so few qualify as professionals. 

And what this typically means for you is hours of wasted time during the lengthy casting process. Fortunately, we have the solution to this problem. 

Voquent's signature search functionality collates Demos from approved native English voice-over talents with verified home studios. Each Demo is performed in one specific vocal tone and style. Shortlist your favourite Demos, and our expert team will do the rest. We can set up a remote session or record the voice-over on-location in cities like London.

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s innovative online voice-over services quickly connect customers with experienced voice talents and studios from any city.

We make voice-over casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on hundreds of location worldwide.

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Verified home studios

With over 80% of English voice-over talent recording from a home studio, quality control is of paramount importance. We take audio quality seriously, and our engineering team listens to every Demo to ensure it meets our minimum professional standards.

So, whether you are casting for professional voice talents for an audiobook, commercial or AAA video game title, you have the assurance our team has already checked the home studio recording environment is capable of delivering high-quality audio.

Go Local

If you're looking for voice-over services in a specific location, Voquent's talent search will empower you to browse and identify English voice talents available in specific city or country.

If you are seeking English voice talents in your desired location but getting limited results, contact us for recommendations. Our extensive offline network includes a wide range of additional voice talent, agencies and studio partners from around the world.

If you're a English voice-over talent or actor seeking work, please sign-up online FREE to get heard by casting directors worldwide. Whilst having a home studio helps, it's not essential. We frequently book talents into local studios for all kinds of exciting projects.

Learn more about English voice-over talents

Few languages are as all-encompassing as English. Its widespread nature makes it a valuable language to target in any endeavour. Although, the global occurrence of English means that not all its variants are born equal – far from it. Accent, dialect, nuances; are crucial in what defines a native speaker from a secondary one. 

Black English female voice-over talent performs character script in studio.

A hub of science, history and invention, England is a vast and varied country – with accents frequently changing every few miles! Understanding the difference between a London accent and an East Anglian accent or a Yorkshire accent versus a Manchester accent is hard for a non-native. It's no wonder that the UK has the most accent variations out of any English speaking country.

A native English voice-over talent can augment your messaging with regional heritage specific to an area of the country. An English voice-over native to Cambridge may be well-positioned for a scientific explainer video. In contrast, a talent from northern England may be better suited to an advertisement aimed at audiences in that region. 

As one of the most developed countries globally, with a substantial service-based economy, few places are well suited to be marketed to like England. There are excellent opportunities in countless mediums, provided you have a professional English voice-over specialist to target this proud audience with an authentic, relatable tone.

Voquent's incredible production team of linguistic experts are here to help. We ensure that your project is localised to the highest quality on the market via our extensive translation services. Reach brand new audiences in any language or accent. 


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