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Polish Subtitling Services - Voquent

Polish Subtitling Services

Looking to open your video game or film to a Polish audience?

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We only produce the highest quality Polish subtitling services for your project. We ensure total accuracy, making sure nothing is lost in translation, all within your specifications and timeframe.

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About Polish Subtitling Services

Accessibility is simple in theory but can be difficult in practice. Non-native audiences and viewers with hearing disabilities rely on subtitles to access content in a way that they find comfortable. 

Many subtitling services do not honour the importance of this duty, as they offload the hard work of translation to computers. These produce auto-generated subtitles that offer sub-standard quality. 

At Voquent, we adamantly oppose this methodology. We hold quality as a pillar of any project. That is why we only utilise certified human linguistic specialists for our translation work. Enabling our Polish subtitling services to offer superior accuracy, with a personal touch.

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We review the film and provide a quote.

We will assess your material and quickly provide you with a subtitling quote. 

We craft the Polish subtitles.

After approval, we'll make the Polish subtitles, adhering to any style guidelines.

We burn-in the Polish subtitles.

Our team will deliver your video back to you in any file or timed-text format you desire.

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Learn about the Polish-speaking market

Poland is a country of over 38 million people, and Polish as a language is spoken by over 45 million people worldwide. The language is spoken in 6 countries, all within Europe, and is one of the official languages of the European Union.

Poland has over 10 million people using video-on-demand services and over 6 million people using video streaming services in terms of audiences and economy. This accumulates to over a whopping $640 million in revenue generated.

There is a significant degree of disposable income in this growing economy. Poland has also made its mark on the world in literature and video games

Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher series has been a huge success for Polish culture and is embraced internationally. Additionally, this same franchise has found even further achievement in its video games by the same name

Why Voquent?

At Voquent, our Polish subtitling services make the localisation process easy. We can open your project to a massive Polish audience, authentically spreading your story. 

We take your message or story seriously. Our Polish subtitling services are specifically designed to ensure that the integrity of your video is not compromised.

Our engineering team will personally oversee your video content at each stage of development. The Polish subtitles will then be burned into your content in the desired style and delivered in any file format. 

The Polish subtitling services that we offer are market-leading. Many alternative subtitling services will skip the hard part and use automatic generation for your subtitles. Machine generation is of a significantly lower quality than the personal human touch that we offer. 

Context and nuance are lost with a machine. We take care and consideration with every word translated. Share your video content with us today for a no-obligation quote. 

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