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Subtitling Process - Voquent

Subtitling Process

Keep your audience immersed in the story with Voquent designed subtitles.

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Creating subtitles for a film, TV show, or web video doesn’t just involve writing out the script in different languages. The essence of a good subtitle adds context assisting non-native speakers. We work closely with you to ensure your subtitles accurately convey the meaning and feeling of the original speech. While many cheap subtitling companies operate worldwide, what makes our service stand out is our complete dedication to quality. You get what you pay for. No matter how large or small the production, we take every care to provide accurate subtitles which follow industry guidelines. 

Voquent Subtitling Styles

Project Specification

We collect all project source material: video files, transcripts, fonts etc. We then documented the materials to ascertain the number of files, file format(s), duration(s), language(s) spoken. 

You provide us with a brief to include the subtitle languages needed, delivery format and any subtitle style guidelines

Voquent Subtitling Styles

Quick Quotation

A Voquent producer will instantly review the supplied materials and your brief to provide you with a fixed quote for the work. We'll send a formal, written quote/contract detailing what the quote includes and how soon you can expect delivery. We're not the cheapest services but our subtitling prices reflect the high level of service provided.

Voquent Subtitling Styles


On quote approval, we will get to work immediately on the transcription of the speech. We never rely on automatic transcription software for this task. It's not accurate enough. Then the transcript is condensed and divided into sections, typically 2–6 seconds in duration with a max character limit—the source subtitles are born! We can provide the transcripts to you to approve before translation begins. 

Voquent Subtitling Styles


Translation of the subtitles always follows industry-standard subtitle guidelines. We pay close attention to character restrictions on each subtitle line, ensuring the subtitles stay within the screen-safe area. We may carefully condense translations to fit, always with the accuracy of meaning kept in mind. We can supply the subtitle translations for your approval before the video work starts.

Voquent Subtitling Styles

Video Editing

We insert the translated subtitles to the video (synced) matched to your preferred subtitle style option. Then we burn-in (hard encode) the subtitles to your desired file format or supply in a timed document format such as SRT (SubRip) or STL. 

Voquent Subtitling Styles

Review / Approval

You have the opportunity to review the subtitles and make any linguistic changes. We implement any amends before encoding the final files for delivery via FTP, download link, or HDD.

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