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The e-Learning industry is growing and whilst this is great news for eLearning companies it provides some challenges.

For example, your company may have just landed a big training project. Awesome Except for one big problem – your in-house team is already flat out.

How will you produce the e-Learning design for the new customer in a reasonable time frame?

This is where Voquent’s eLearning design service comes in.

We help eLearning companies with producing audio, video and other rich media content. We work with all the popular authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate and Lectora. And we frequently translate eLearning content into other languages.

At Voquent we understand that modern eLearning design has to be quick, accessible and inspiring. And most importantly make a measurable difference to the customer’s bottom line.

e-Learning design process

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More about how we work with eLearning companies

e-learning design for elearning companiesWe’re delighted to work with eLearning companies!

An e-Learning design normally requires the creation of a 1-2 hour long course. This can equate to many thousands of words for the voice actors to record. It also keeps our team very busy.

Prior to recording we can help with writing voice over scripts and helping with other content such as sourcing library images or producing videos. After recording the voice over we can edit the audio into separate files and insert the audio back into the LMS, re-timing any animations.

We frequently undertake localisation work for courses too. We translate all the content including text, images, videos and audio and make all the content appropriate for the language and culture of the target audience.


e-Learning design summary

  • write course content and voice over scripts
  • create images and source library images
  • film presenters and shoot video
  • record voice actors
  • collaborate on building the content into the LMS
  • localise the eLearning content
  • and more!


e-learning design for elearning companies