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Voquent are not only a voice actors agency with a passion for voice over and voice acting.

Our mission is to accelerate audience engagement and this is only achieved by providing our customers with an additional range of value added Translation Services.

One stop shop

Voice over is only one piece of the communication puzzle.

We work with many partners to offer additional services, both pre and post voice over recording.

This saves you time liaising with lots of different suppliers. You can rest-assured our industry experts have it all under control.

We can offer:

  • Transcription of audio and video content for video editing reference or for use as a voice over script.
  • Translation of voice over scripts to any number of languages with careful consideration to local culture and colloquialisms. Translation Services.
  • Copy-writing of scripts from start to finish to communicate your ideas clearly without putting your audience to sleep.
  • Closed-captions and subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing and to make communication in other languages possible.
  • British Sign Language interpretation for the deaf and hard of hearing. Including script creation and filming the signer on green-screen.
  • Audio description for the blind and poor sighted. Set the scene and explain what's happening when there is no dialogue.
  • Audio post-production services for film soundtracks, sound effects design and other more complex audio editing requirements.
  • Video editing and encoding. Insert the voice over tracks back to video and encode the video in any desired format such as MP4 or MOV.
  • Presentations and PowerPoint design to exchange information, news or ideas.
  • eLearning course content and publishing in any language. Whether it's Articulate, Captivate or Lectora we can help. Produce courses that change thinking.


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