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As producers of high-quality audio for entertainment and commercial projects, our mission is to help content creators find outstanding and affordable voice talent.

Voquent levels the playing field for all actors by isolating and anonymizing each voice sample independently, ensuring that each sample is considered on its own merits.

No compilation-reels (demos with multiple recordings and styles) are allowed at Voquent and this approach decreases the inadvertent typecasting experienced on other platforms. And opens up your talent to whole new audiences.

At the moment you can upload 30 samples maximum at a time. Once approved, we’ll double the sample limit if you provide a referral link to your profile from your own personal website.

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Checklist for sign-up

  • NO compilation-reels please
  • NO samples with multiple reading styles please
  • each sample should be in ONE distinct style only
  • already an experienced actor, presenter or public speaker
  • access to a professional studio, either at home or locally
  • samples are high quality mp3 files, less than 5Mb each
  • samples were recorded in a studio environment using professional recording equipment
  • punctual and quick responses to emails, texts and phone calls
  • you can communicate clearly in English by email
  • connected with us on social media
  • happy to sign a non-disclosure and service level agreement if selected for a project
  • never rude to customers, discuss fees or share contact information without permission