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19 Powerful Reasons to Work with Us

If you are considering Voquent alternatives or are wondering
why other customers choose Voquent over the competition, please read on!


Reason 1We get it done, lightning-fast

You are up against a tight deadline and our service is designed to give you a fast & professional service. Most projects are completed in under 48 hours.

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Reason 2Remotely managed

With cloud-based infrastructure and highly experienced producers. Every project can be produced remotely from end-to-end with one point of contact.

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Reason 3Live sessions

In most cases, we can offer fully encrypted live communication with the talent. Get the performance nailed the first time.

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Reason 4Native accents guaranteed

With over 1,750 accents & dialects performed natively you can find the best talent for any role.

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Reason 5Free up your time

Spend your time on more important tasks (or relax!) and let our producers handle all the negotiations with different voices & agencies.

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Reason 6Wave goodbye to onboarding

We take care of paying contractors directly and will ensure payment terms, payment methods, contracts, NDA's, tax numbers, forms, policies, insurance documentation and more are dealt with correctly.

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Reason 7Distinct samples

We offer the world’s most powerful voice-over audio query engine with thousands of samples, indexed by language, accent, gender, style, tone, pitch and more. You will always get distinct samples that match your search.

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Reason 8Go global

Tell us your target markets and we'll put together a comprehensive package which includes all the services required to translate your ad campaign, eLearning system, telephone messages, video game and more. Any language. Any accent.

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Reason 9Go regional

Why localise a campaign into 'Neutral German' (Standard deutsch) when most of the target audience are in Vienna and speak with a Bavarian accent? Local markets respond better to local messaging. We make micro-regional targeting possible, all over the world.

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Reason 10Provide accessibility

Whether you need closed captions or signers to engage the deaf & hard of hearing; or audio descriptions for the blind and visually impaired we will help you make your video content accessible to all.

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Reason 11Record on location, anywhere

With our network of studio partners and local agencies in over 550 worldwide cities, we can facilitate projects and the attendance of recording sessions at a local level anywhere.

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Reason 12Never compromise on quality

We focus on the rapid delivery of high-quality recordings at a competitive price. If paying the lowest price is your top priority, we are not the service for you.

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Reason 13Ensure consistency

We ensure that audio quality is consistent for the lifetime of your project, even over many years. Everything will be level-matched to previous recordings.

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Reason 14Quick quotes

We will not keep you waiting. Our dedicated sales team will have a quote to you within an hour of your enquiry (during UK business hours).

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Reason 15No hidden fees or excessive charges

We provide fixed, affordable prices with clear terms so that you can move forward with certainty and confidence. We match your budget to international market rates to keep projects affordable and cost-effective.

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Reason 16We're flexible

We work the way you want to work. Whether you want individual samples fast; 10 curated auditions; or 500 voice actor options on the back of an open casting call. Whatever you need, we have got it in hand.

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Reason 17Choose from the best

With access to a global community of professional voice actors, talent agencies and studios we can give you unprecedented choice when it comes to selecting the perfect voices for your role.

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Reason 18Vetted and approved talent

Every voice sample and every voice actor on Voquent are vetted and approved before we make them available for casting.

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Reason 19We take responsibility

We are only satisfied when you are truly happy with the project. In the rare case something goes wrong we have the resources to provide rapid, alternative solutions faster than our competition.

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I had the pleasure of working with this agency on a recent job and had a great experience with their staff who were courteous, helpful and ready to answer any and all of my questions throughout the process. They have my utmost recommendation.

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

...the team at Voquent were wonderful to work with. I can't say enough good things about my experience...

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

Voquent are an absolutely amazing voice over agency. As both a voice talent and a producer myself, I know how it feels to be on both sides of the coin.

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

This company is exceptional. Everyone involved in Voquent is not only brilliantly professional but also wonderfully nice to work with.

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

This was my very first experience with Voquent. I was super impressed with their high level of customer service and communication.

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

Beautiful opportunity for international clientele. I look forward to growing my relationship with Voquent.

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

Great service. Very efficient and focused on getting the right talent for the project and fast. They have a great system in place and have been innovating ever since I heard about them.

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

Completed my first gig with Voquent (I'm based in Sydney and had live direction via Florida) and it went super smoothly, with very happy clients. Voquent are highly professional, with great communication, and support. Highly recommended.

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

...this week I experienced what it was like to work with Voquent. What an honour! Each person I met was very positive, professional and wonderful to work with.

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

I'm in voice over industry 26 years and Voquent VOA team is probably one of the best I ever worked with. Very professional.

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

The professional, friendly and appreciative way in which an order is handled distinguishes Voquent postitively from many other agencies.

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

I found Voquent to be consummate professionals, endlessly patient and extremely helpful to both clients and voice artists. I strongly recommend them to anyone in this line of work as well as to those seeking the perfect voice to meet their needs.

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

…by far the most accommodating, fast and professional Voice Over and audio service I have gotten - I have been producing and directing commercials and ads for two decades.

Voquent Review Person Star Rating

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