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News Voice-Over

Discover eloquent and authoritative voice-over talents for newscaster and anchor styles.

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About News Voice-Over

There are few mediums as closely linked with voice-over as news media. An authoritative news voice-over delivery is commonly used to instil a sense of objectivity to current affairs content. 

This just in: Voquent has a massive catalogue of voice-over talents with exactly what it takes to perform the perfect newscast for your news voice-over project. To hear samples from our experienced directory of experts, it's easy. Just filter your search parameters to match your ideal candidate and then listen to the elite professionals on our network. 

The news is relevant in many ways. Locally, nationally, internationally; the news is broadcast to all kinds of demographics, on differing scales, so it's important to cater for local and less-local audiences with the right news voice-over speaker. Our mission to provide quality voice-over in any language or accent means that you can scale your project appropriately and meet the demands of any audience - only with Voquent.

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In a world where many audiences have lost faith in news media, it is paramount to elicit authenticity at every level of news production. That is why we have a plethora of experienced news voice-over talents on our network. The sound of a brilliant voice-over in this medium is distinct and powerful.

At Voquent, we believe there is a crucial formula to an ideal news voice-over. A core list of ingredients that will help you in choosing between our massive catalogue of professionals. The News voice-over is specific and hard to achieve without the help of a professional. A quality voice-over for this medium should look something like this:

A news reporter voice-over style includes five key ingredients.

1. A neutral accent appropriate for any region in the country.

An accent can make or break your newscast. If you have news relevant to English speakers in America and England, maybe you should select a Transatlantic Accent. Perhaps you are looking to broadcast a report to a Brazilian audience? You will certainly need Brazilian Portuguese.

Whatever your audience, we have who you need to make the perfect news voice-over for the right audience.

2. A crystal clear & eloquent intonation with stress on critical points.

This is vital to success. News should be easy to access and understandable at all points. Experienced voice-over talent with eloquent tones is available with us. Use our powerful search tool to filter to your desires. 

Clarity is a necessity in this format. The information that you are providing has a clear civic and public service, so ensuring that your news voice-over is accessible to all people in a society is instrumental. Our extensive accessibility options can help amplify your ability to reach foreign and impaired demographics among your audience. 

3. Authority and conviction with every word.

A voice needs to be able to garner attention and command conviction. This helps the newscaster seem confident and steadfast – improving their credibility and building trust.

4. Calm and rational delivery. Engaging but not to the point of enthusiasm.

Remaining calm and convincing is essential. Being relaxed and keeping composure is a certificate that the newscaster is truthful and honest.

5. Conversational

While all the above is true, your news voice-over should never frighten or intimidate your audience. Being authoritative is not the same as being intense and scary. Local news is more trusted than national news. The community feeling and the ability to perform in discourse is vital to people; draw from it. As you can see, a news voice-over is very specific, and whilst it has some cross over with other formats such as corporate, it really stands on its own. It can be used to convey any information with certainty.

These News voice-overs aren’t just restricted to the news itself; here are some other uses for the medium:


Serious documentaries such as the BBC’s Panorama frequently use newscasters as narrators. This conveys the seriousness of the subject to the viewer and immediately tells the viewer what they are seeing is considered fact. 

Corporate and business news

Corporate or business news is more popular than ever, and many large corporates have their internal news broadcasts and even their own presenters. We have some more specific voice-over for Corporate videos here.

Public service announcements

The Government uses a news reporter voice-over for crucial public awareness campaigns. This film about keeping medicine out of reach of children is an early example which has a BBC narrator!

With so many options, it can start to feel a little dizzying! So if you need a little bit of help with your casting process, contact us today!
Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s innovative online service quickly connects customers with experienced voice actors speaking with any accent or language.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of voice-over projects.

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