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Porto, Portugal

#116603 - Omitted


General Portuguese Euro-Neutral accent

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Adelaide, Australia

#37247 - Omitted


General Australian Neutral International accent

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(Young Adult)



Long Beach, United State...

#44320 - Omitted


General Australian Neutral International accent

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#106484 - Omitted


General Indian Neutral International accent

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calm, confident, deep, documentary, internet documentary


New York, United States

#42091 - Omitted


General German Euro-Neutral accent

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Tokyo, Japan

#28315 - Omitted


General American Transatlantic accent

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aggressive, animated, hyper, commercial / promotional, cinema - theatre commerci...


Ramat Gan, Israel

#62993 - Omitted


General Israeli Neutral International accent

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North Berwick, United Ki...

#28145 - Omitted


General Australian Neutral International accent

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About International English

Thanks to the mobile internet and technology, the world is getting smaller and there is a trend towards a 'neutral' accent for voice over content of all types. Voquent is a global voice-over agency and we can cover all of your neutral accented needs.

We talk about this trend in our blog - The Neutral English Accent - and because the trend is so strong, we're in danger of overlooking centuries old regional dialects.

A voice over with an International English accent is for projects aimed squarely at a global audience. Most of the audience will speak or understand English to varying levels of proficiency and an International English accent is there to be a catch-all for brands, products or characters seeking not to be identified with any single country or region.

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The Process


to voice actor samples in a range of dialects.


voice samples to check availability.


to our team about your project.


We record the voice over professionally.


edited audio in your preferred format.

Our Approach

Discover the perfect vocal sound for your project with the assurance that we offer only the very best voice actors and a superior production service.

Simply browse the site, shortlist the voice samples you like, and we’ll do the rest.

What We Include

We always provide a detailed written quote with a full specification of everything we include.

Whether you just want a voice actor to attend your own studio or you want a full production service, we’ve got you covered.

Why Voquent?

Compelling Voices - Voquent

Voquent’s innovative online service quickly connects customers with experienced voice actors speaking with any accent or language.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of voice over projects.

Our Guarantees

Voice Over are expertly vetted for ability and quality.

A single point of contact from casting through to final production.

If you’re not happy with any aspect of our service, get your money back.

More info about International English voice over

International Man with Jetpack

In Marketing there is a well-known law:

Appeal to everyone and you’ll appeal to no one.

Whilst it’s always best to segment your audiences and target with tailored content, there is sometimes a need for a more neutral approach and the international English accent is the commonly sought solution.

Sometimes in marketing, you genuinely have no clue who or where your content may be viewed! It can be really difficult to ensure your content speaks in a language that’s appealing and non-regional. It’s what anyone with a viral hit knows already.

A neutral English accent with an international flavour is becoming more popular than ever. For product explainers, crowdfunding campaigns, social promos and much more.

Voquent certainly is a London based voice-over agency but it’s reach knows no bounds. We provide the best international voice acting talent around.

This page includes voices speaking a variety of international English accents, Euro-Neutral, Transatlantic and more.

International English voice over for social promos

If you can’t hear what your looking for, remember to visit the search page to listen to samples from many more voice actors speaking in hundreds more accents including: English-RP, American, Transatlantic and Indian.

Why select a voice actor with an International English Accent?

Neutral International Accents are ever-popular for voice over jobs of all types:

Social advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube often use international or neutral English voice actors.

Presentations for events with a mixed international audience to ensure a clear message for every listener.

TV commercials and internet advertisements that inspire audiences whatever their native language.

Need more languages, styles or an advanced worldwide search?

Find Voices

Our Find Voices function enables you to search for styles, genders, pitches and tones in over 500 languages with literally thousands of different local accents and dialects across the world!