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Why a promo in the Klingon language?

October 26, 2018

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Why a promo in the Klingon language?

At Voquent, we have a deep love and appreciation for ALL languages!

We knew that we were taking on a monumental task when we started offering translation and multilingual voice over services for every primary language in the world. We raised the bar even higher by expanding our recognition of over 1,426 distinct dialects and accents, becoming the first and only voice over service company of our kind to do so. This is really useful for producers and directors looking to broadcast their material in a diverse range of countries or locales and needless to say, our services have become a source of intrigue for linguists all around the world.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before one of our customers would challenge us, suggesting off-cuff that we cannot claim to offer EVERY language unless we also include Klingon.

Fabio sir, you’ve been an inspiration! We are proud and excited to now also offer Klingon translations and voice over services to our customers worldwide.

Listen to Klingon Voice Actors

By proving that we can provide voice over in Klingon, a language with only a few dozen are known to be legitimate, fluent speakers on Earth, we also demonstrate our capability and commitment to producing state of the art voice overs in literally any language.

To achieve this, we’ve sought out the extraordinary and awesome talent of Lieven Litaer, a gifted multi-lingual voice actor who is also recognised as one of the world’s leading and most accomplished teachers of the Klingon language.

Check out Lieven’s profile page.

As long time sci-fi buffs, we felt that the only way to introduce this new provision would be to translate and record our own promo video in actual Klingon. So without further ado, here is the finished piece. Spoken in true Klingon with Klingon closed captions included.

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If you’re a Klingon speaker, or a voice actor who can read Klingon  – join Voquent here: https://www.voquent.com/jobs/. When your samples are approved they’ll  appear on the Klingon voice actor page.