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Where’s the work?

March 2, 2020

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Where’s the work?

So, you want more voice-over jobs?

We get a lot of messages from voice actors on Twitter and by email, enquiring about what they need to do to get more work from Voquent.

It normally goes something like this: “I’ve made a profile and I’ve emailed to tell you I’m available for work, so where is it? Why aren’t you contacting me? Do I need to change my profile picture? Do you need to to see or hear more of my work? So, what do I need to do now…?”.

This makes us feel bad. 🙁


Along with ‘Where are the auditions?’, ‘Where’s the work?’ is one of the most frequently asked questions we get here, but both questions misunderstand how it works at Voquent. Read on for edification.

Firstly, we are CONSTANTLY working on new productions and the pace is relentless. We also make substantial investments aimed at increasing the exposure of our services and awareness of the thousands of highly talented voice actors on our site from around the world.

Fundamentally, all opportunities are born from consumer trends, market needs and economic conditions. Organisations ranging from retail, entertainment and manufacturing to government, healthcare and education all seek to provide products and services in respect of this. When company or individual decides to run a global or local campaign whether it’s promoted on digital media, TV, Radio or an internal use medium, the requirement for one or more voiceovers in many languages will be one of the last elements fulfilled of a project that will have already incurred a vast multitude of costs.

This is how the demand for voiceover work is created and Voquent responds to that demand many, many times per day. Our role is not to create voiceover jobs but to fulfil them. The fact remains that the volume of voice talent available worldwide (the supply), is ALWAYS going to be proportionately greater than the number of jobs (the demand) being commissioned.

Regardless of whether it’s direct, via representation, non-exclusive agents and production companies, a P2P website or a freelance marketplace. This is what makes the voice over industry a competitive and a buyer-friendly market. No one source of jobs and opportunities is ever going to sustain a full time voice over career and this is why we encourage every voice over talent to widen their network and reach out to multiple voice-over agencies and sites. Never rely on one source.

For a start, we’re opposed to the manic audition for everything culture perpetuated by many other voice-over casting websites. We will happily organise auditions for projects with a solid brief and a finite shortlist and we will do big open casting calls where appropriate. But we’re dead against making voice talent audition for every single project going. It demonstrates a lack of respect for a talent’s time and in most cases, requesting auditions for generic roles with average pay is just lazy casting. We believe constant mass auditions for every role are bad for the voice-over industry and if it’s obvious there has been no forethought about what voice will suit the role best we push back.

This is what our casting by sample ‘Find Voices‘ system is all about. Customers who use Find Voices can start broad and then filter down to very specific attributes. Needles in haystacks DO get found and that’s exactly what many customers are trying to achieve.

The other question, ‘where’s the work?’ is usually asked without due consideration to the merits of their Voquent profile. Sometimes we get asked this questions by voices with zero samples on their profile.


One does not simply make a Voquent profile and get work

We often encounter voice actors who think if they just sign-up to Voquent, without uploading more than a couple of samples, their work is done. We have all their details and the work will start flowing.

If only it were so easy, huh!?

If they’ve made little or no effort to optimise their Voquent profile or at worst have not uploaded a single sample to their profile, they cannot expect to book any work from the platform. Shortlisting samples is how the majority of the casting is done here.

We recommend uploading as many samples as possible. Did you know, you get space for up to 45 samples just by linking to your Voquent profile from your own website?

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Even if you’ve only uploaded the default of 30 samples, you’re already 697% more likely to appear in search than someone with less than 5 samples. So, unless you corner a niche language or accent, uploading more samples is the best way for customers to find you on Voquent.

Be a Voquent superstar. Invest time creating and uploading distinct samples with descriptive tags in a range of accents and tones. Also consider changing the sample card picture to stand out.

Some recommendations

  • Whatever world language you speak, invest some time optimising your Voquent profile and it will pay off.
  • If you’ve uploaded a wide range of styles and tones in a classic broadcast version of a language, consider uploading the same range of styles and tones in the local regional accent that you normally converse in.
  • If all of your material sounds almost identical in tone and pace, consider working with a vocal coach to widen your range and demonstrate a little more versatility.
  • If some of your samples are being shortlisted more often than others, consider uploading some newly recorded replacements for those with weaker statistics.

Ultimately, in life you get back in reward what you extole in effort; garbage in = garbage out.

Remember, we’re still a relatively young company – we launched in 2018 – and we’re still in the process of growing our presence around the world. Our operations are primarily UK based, and the SERPS (search engines) tend to favour companies based in the location you’re searching from.

This means in the past, most of our enquiries came from UK businesses but we’ve been working incredibly hard (and investing a lot) to boost our presence in other regions that we can easily service right now such as Europe, North America, East Asia and the Middle-East. It’s early days, but it’s growing fast!

If you’re based in one of these regions stay tuned, there is definitely more opportunities coming soon.

The most important takeaway from this article is simply this – adding more samples to your Voquent profile is what leads to more opportunities.

If you’re not sure where to start, read our blog 8 ways to create audio samples for your Voquent profile.


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