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Welcome to Voquent

May 20, 2018

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Welcome to Voquent

Voquent.com is live!

It’s taken years of work and many months of development to realise our vision. We’re delighted to now open Voquent.com for voice actor sign-up.

Voice Actor Agency sign-up

At Voquent, we’re passionate about voice over acting. Our vision is to level the playing field for voice actors and narrators. We provide a base profile that offers a free way to get discovered by casting agents. Everything is randomised in search, there is no pay-to-play or bidding scenarios here.

For the truly versatile performers, we make it easy to show off a myriad of vocal styles. Optionally they can add more samples (up to 33 maximum) for a fixed fee. The fee just covers our hosting and administrative costs. We moderate all samples for quality and we also take an active role in managing the profiles and projects produced.

Managing voice over projects

Our managed service ensures actors only get offered quality projects, and customers get the service they deserve.

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Equally Voquent makes it quick for customers to find the right voice actor for any project. We categorise over one thousand dialects and accents and we classify the key attributes of every sample from the gender & age group to the style, pitch and texture of a read.

One voice actor per sampleFind voice actors here

We also ensure all audio clips feature only one style so that there is never any doubt that what it says on the sample card is the same as how it sounds.

This is why we’re different to other voice over agencies. We know customers don’t care about professional headshots or lengthy showreels. They just want to find the vocal sound, that’s in their head.


Here’s how the samples look:

We moderate all the samples so that customers can be assured the description matches the audio they hear 100% of the time.


A big thank you to Inigo Media for their hard work and dedication in helping us to make Voquent a reality.