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Russian Language Voice Actors

Hire professional Russian Language speaking voice actors for any project.

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About Russian language voice actors

The Russian language comes in many different forms and is spoken in nations across the world, not just in Russia, the country of origin. The Russian language has many dialects and accents that are specific to certain regions that speak them.

Due to the sheer scale of the language and its worldwide distribution, Voquent has gone through a lot of effort to source and list as many native Russian language voice actors as possible. This page is dedicated to Russian speakers out of the country of Russia.

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s innovative online service quickly connects customers with experienced voice actors speaking with any accent or language.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of voice-over projects.

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Learn more about the Russian language voice actors

The Russian language is an ancient one. It is an East Slavic language and its earlier forms can be traced back to Old East Slavic. The language has a rich history dating back to 1000 CE when the dialects that the Slavs living in modern-day Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus began to closely resemble one another. It was this resemblance that led to the formation of Old East Slavic over the course of several generations of people speaking similar dialects interacting. However, it wasn’t until 880 CE that Old East Slavic became an established literary and commercial language within the political unification of Kievan Rus’ that included these three modern nations.

The Russian spoken today is a descendent of this language and is spoken by over a staggering 260 million people. Out of this figure, 150 million people are native speakers of the language. Russian is so widespread today that it is Europe’s largest native language and the 7th most commonly spoken language in the world. It is one of the United Nations’ official languages and is the official language of Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. However, it is spoken in an additional 28 nations globally.

Outside of Russia, around 70% of Belarus, 33% of Latvia, 29% of Estonia and Ukraine, 21% of Kazakhstan, and 15% of Israel speak Russian natively to make up the top 6 Russian speaking countries after Russia itself. Ukraine has the most speakers with over 14 million people in the nation speaking Russian and Mauritius has the least speakers, with under 100 people in their last census reporting speaking it natively.

This widespread adoption of Russian had led to several dialects becoming prominent. During our modern times, there exist 11 distinct dialects broken up into the Northern, Central, and Southern dialect groupings. This only accounts for the main dialects, as Russian scholars have identified many dialects sub-sets including dialects influenced by other Slavic languages such as Ukrainian and Belarusian. Due to the same area of origin, Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Russian are all fairly mutually intelligible.

All this provides evidence for Russian being a hugely popular language in the world, and certainly, one that international brands should look at incorporating into their communications. This is especially true for brands and companies located within Europe, and particularly Eastern Europe. With the mutually intelligible languages of Ukrainian and Belarusian, this only increases the number of people you can potentially reach with Russian. A Russian language voice actor can help with this reach.

Part of what we do here at Voquent is to make sure that you have access to the Russian language voice actors that you need, no matter how niche. Not looking for niche Russian? You can find standardized Russian voices on Voquent too! We also have a diverse portfolio of different languages to pick from.

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