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Italian Subtitling Services - Voquent

Italian Subtitling Services

Is your film or video ready for the global Italian-speaking audience?

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Your Video Project + Italian Subtitles = More Reach in Italy and beyond. Here's why your video subtitling needs are in good hands with us.

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About Italian Subtitling Services

Getting your video content noticed is hard. Even if you have the most engaging story, it will still attract only a fraction of Italian audiences if it's not broadcast in Italian.

Why settle for only a fraction of viewers when you can be visible to every Italian speaker globally?

Use our professional Italian subtitling services to ensure your film or web video receives maximum engagement and return on investment.  Don't settle for less.

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Our team reviews the video content and provides an Italian subtitling quote.

Supply the videos to us for an instant quote and personalised recommendations. 

We produce the Italian subtitles following any style guidelines.

With your approval, we'll transcribe the speech and translate it to create the Italian subtitles. 

We sync the Czech subtitles to video and burn-in

The Italian subtitles are synced in our video software and burnt-in to match your subtitling style preference.

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Beautiful Italian speaking girl watches Amazon Prime with Italian subtitles.

Learn more about subtitling for the Italian market

So why create Italian subtitles? Italian is one of the world's most widely spoken languages. Over 85 million people are currently fluent Italian speakers. Six major countries recognise it as an official language or a minority language.

In Italy alone, video-on-demand services serve over 26 million people and generate over $1.4 billion. Video streaming services accommodate over 12 million people and generate over $1 billion in revenue.

Why choose Voquent for Italian subtitles?

Using our Italian subtitling service can help you tailor your video content to Italian audiences across the globe and tap into the Italian video economy. We want to make sure you have everything you need to get your content ready to captivate your audiences.

We provide a dedicated project manager to ensure your project is completed to the highest possible quality. Our projects team aren't simply admin staff. They can—and often do—complete the work themselves, providing you with exceptional attention to detail.

Much cheaper audiovisual translation and captioning companies rely on auto-generated transcriptions and translations. These are typically badly proofread by completed by unskilled non-natives. 

Don't make that mistake.

With Voquent, we provide a team of experts at every step, and our pricing is transparent and fair. Reach out for a quick fixed quote. We can help with any language.

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