Spanish Languages

Spanish Languages

Voquent caters for Spanish voice actors from all corners of the globe.

We categorise more than 80 dialect variants. This page only features ten of the more popular Spanish speaking options and if you don’t see an option that suits your project, head to the Find Voices section. We’ve got loads more voice actors to choose from!

The buttons at the top of the page link to voice actors hailing from the Spanish speaking regions with the largest audiences.

Such as Neutral Latin American speaking voice actors and voice talent from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.


Tungurahua Eruption

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Volcano ‘Tungurahua’ in Ecuador.  Nothing to do with Spanish voice over, but fiery like the Spanish, right!?

Of course we also have voice talent speaking European Spanish and English with a Spanish accent or Spanglish.

Don’t miss them!

Spanish StallionsThe Spanish speaking market is HUGE. Any international brand seeking global success must speak to the Spanish audience in their own language. Otherwise they risk missing out on a whopping 7% of the world’s total population. That’s a whole lot of missed opportunity…

Dubbing for animations and TV series in Spanish speaking regions is also tremendously popular. Don’t be afraid to try lip-syncing your films (we can help!).

The Spanish generally prefer dubbing to subtitles and many voice actors in the Latin American region are more famous than their than the Hollywood actors they voice!

We hope you enjoy browsing the range of Spanish voice actor samples.

Shortlist any you like or contact us with no obligation to check availability; and a quote for your project.