March 2019 Site Upgrade: New Voice Actor Casting Functions Available

March 2019 Site Upgrade: New Voice Actor Casting Functions Available

It’s been an exciting start for Voquent. Since the website launch at the back end of May 2018, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with thousands of creative customers, talented voice actors and localization experts from all over the planet. It has been an extraordinary privilege to deliver professional recording and audio-visual production services for so many major corporate brands, national government bodies, cartoon animators and gaming companies from all over the world.

Miles and Andy

And this is only the beginning! Our investment in staff resources, streamlined processes and technical architecture has enabled us to support a near constant stream of new projects as well as the world’s fastest growing international community of experienced, professional voice over actors.

About the upgrade

Over the coming months, we will be releasing a series of critical updates to the Voquent website that will continue to revolutionize the casting process for clients and talents worldwide. This starts today, with a major upgrade to our search filters.

“Finding the right voice” is easily the single, most critical challenge in the casting process. This is why we’ve focused on providing customers with significant functional advantages.

Voquent customers now have a host of new capabilities:


1. Combine multiple attribute selections in the same search


Select multiple languages, gender and more

Search Filters on Voquent we’re previously limited to selecting ALL attributes or just ONE. Users can now build searches that incorporate as many different selections as required. The above screenshot shows an example, which includes a search for 4 x different language and accent selections, 2 x gender & age groups and 3 x tones.

2. More Search options


We’ve added a new “Show more options” function which reveals additional filters to aid more advanced filtering in the casting process. This includes filters for Style, Delivery, Pitch and the Location of the Actors behind the samples. We know Location is critical to some customers who need the voices to be physically present to record in their own studio.

3. Voice Actor Profile links


Links to Voice Actor Profile from sample card


All Sample Cards on Voquent now display a thumbnail portrait Link to the Voice Actor responsible for its creation. This is in the top-right corner of the sample card, as pictured above. This makes it easier than ever to gain an understanding of the range and versatility of a specific voice talent and quickly review more samples on their profile page.

Give it a go!

All the above functionality is now live and available throughout the Voquent website and we invite you to give it a try here:

Find Voices 


Still looking for assistance? Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. Voquent will continue to offer it’s world leading expertise in the casting process, handpicking prospective talent options for our customers with custom demos, auditions, casting calls and specialist search and selection services. As always, you can contact our project team at anytime to discuss a requirement or to get an instant no-obligation quote!

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