Video post production services

Video post production services to add voice over to video and more

If you need a video editing company to add voice over to video? Look no further than our video post production services.

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£60 per hour

Voquent works with a swathe of video production companies and freelance editors in London and around the world. As an online voice over agency we frequently help our customers with video post production services if they don't have video editing services available in the time-frame.

We can help you complete your video editing project with services such as:

  • adding voice over to video file
  • mixing the voice over with music and sound effects
  • editing raw video with voice over
  • time-sync voice over recording to match the visuals
  • replacing existing speech & lip-sync dubbing
  • 5.1 and 7.1 mixing and mastering
  • translate captions, titles and animated text

Our video editing service is straight-forward. Our editors are experts in audio-visual production and will be able to offer further advice and support if required.


Video post production services process

video post production services

Our video editor reviews the source files and project brief. We provide a detailed quote.

Video post production services

We add voice over to the video and complete any other video editing tasks.

Video post production services

When the video edit is complete we render the video in the best format for your player.

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More about video post production services

video post production services londonWe help film producers get back to doing what they do best.

Capturing awesome moments.

While you're out on your next shoot, you can rely on our experienced video post production services completely.

We'll add voice over to the video. Translate the content into any language. Create subtitles. Edit clips and add any title captions, new screens and transitions. We'll do it all swiftly and without a fuss.

Being a video editing company based in central London, our video editing services are in high demand. Please contact us as early as possible to discuss your requirements and schedule the studio time.



Video post production services for

  • feature films
  • animations
  • video game cut scenes
  • VR and 360 video
  • explainers
  • corporate video
  • and more!


Video post production services



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