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Voice to text and audio transcription services for business, legal and creatives.

Voquent quickly converts voice to text. Transform English or Foreign speech contained in any audio or video to a written format.

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Voice to text audio transcription is the process of listening to speech and putting it into a document. Audio to text work is done by a trained audio typist, normally on PC or Mac. Or using a specialist stenographer machine.

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Voquent are a voice actors agency, but many of our customers rely on us for audio to text transcription work. For example, we frequently transcribe filmed interviews and translate the transcripts. The video editor uses the transcript as a reference to edit the video even if they don’t understand what’s being said. Once the video is edited we can update the script and produce voice over dubbing in any language.

All our audio typists keep your data 100% secure. For added peace of mind we can sign a confidentiality agreement

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More about voice to text audio transcription

voice to text transcription servicesOur voice to text audio transcription services are in high demand. We frequently work with other transcription agencies, translation agencies, film makers and business.

All transcripts are certified, checked for accuracy and can be used in a court of law.

Once the transcription is complete we can offer additional services including: translation, voice over, closed captioning and post-production.


We  transcribe voice to text for

  • presentations and events
  • online meetings
  • filmed or recorded interviews
  • speech recorded on dicta-phones or mobiles
  • legal, technical and medical subjects
  • and much more!


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