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Sample Cards Explained

May 21, 2018

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Sample Cards Explained


Voquent’s detailed Sample Card system enhances and streamlines the shortlisting process.

Each recording represents its own unique persona and identity.

This enables producers to quickly browse and listen-to precise recordings that are most relevant to their needs. It also allows the unique and distinctive sound of each read in its purest sense to take center-stage.

Equally, this helps voice actors gain greater consideration for prospective projects. Producers working to tight schedules are prone to dismissing a voice actor entirely if the first recording they hear is contextually inappropriate for their project. Ironically, something as simple as a photo can also inadvertently create misconceptions and subjective expectations about a voice actor’s ability to perform other authentic sounding accents, ages, pitches or styles.


We are unable to accept traditional showreels containing a series of different reads and styles. You need to edit and save these as separate sound files and upload each one as an independent sample with its own distinct attributes. This is easily achieved (at no cost) using one of the following devices:



For further help with this, please visit our blog post here:

How to edit a showreel into separate samples


Alternatively, we can create a profile for you and edit your samples for a small fee. Please contact us at [email protected] if you require this service.



Voquent has a default limit of 3 x Sample Cards per voice actor that can active at any one time. This can be increased to 5 x active Sample Cards at no cost, simply by providing a link to your Voquent Profile page on an external website or social media platform (such as Facebook).

This limitation ensures that no single voice actor can upload a disproportionate volume of samples that would give them an unfair advantage over other voice actors who’s samples share similar attributes. There is also a technical and administrative overhead to storing and maintaining high volumes of audio files.

For the average voice actor, 5 x Sample Cards is more than enough. However, we also recognise that some voice actors are able to perform a wider range of languages, accents and styles than others. For this reason, the default sample card limit up can be extended up to a maximum of 35 x Active Sample Cards for a small annual fee, to offset the burden of maintaining higher than average sample volumes. The fee is based on the specific number of additional sample cards you require and based on the following rates:


Fee for additional sample cards

  • UK Residents: £12 per Sample Card/ Year (inc. VAT)
  • European Residents: €14 per Sample Card/ Year (inc.VAT)
  • US and Rest of world: $14 per Sample Card/ Year.


If you wish to exploit this capability, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll provide further details of how to get this completed quickly and easily.