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Sales and Marketing discussion for voice actors

June 11, 2018

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Sales and Marketing discussion for voice actors
Reposted from our Facebook Group. Join in the discussion here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/voquent/

Sales and Marketing basics for voice actors

Our Facebook group is a place to talk about ways YOU can get more voice over work.
We don’t mind if P2P websites, other voice over agencies, groups or services are discussed there. We honestly just want to see you, the voice actors get a leg up and hopefully we can be part of helping you to achieve more.
Sales and Marketing advice for voice actors
These kinds of topics will HELP other users in the group. 😊

– What tactics are working for you?

– What have you tried in the past that was a waste of money?

– Where do you get most of your business?

We intend to make posts about various tactics you can use. We’ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks reaching out to voices and I can tell you –  some of you are doing an AMAZING job with your marketing. We’re honestly blown away by the diversity of your content! However there are a few we uncovered with:

– no personal website

– no social media profiles

– no USP (a unique selling point)


Are you versatile?

The copywriting on some of the websites / profiles needs some work too. 
For example, describing yourself as ‘versatile‘ doesn’t mean a lot to customers. 🤔
In fact it means nothing. Almost every voice says this so it’s lost it’s meaning.
Instead I encourage you to focus on what makes your voice DISTINCT. What makes you different to other voice actors of a similar age, gender and tone? 
Saying you’re versatile won’t help. Instead talk about how you make people FEEL when they listen to you.

Don’t allow customers to compare apples with apples. By distinctly differentiating yourself you instantly increase your perceived VALUE.

This is not a dig, we know many of you are super busy with multiple jobs or as parents!  It can be incredibly difficult to find the time to take care of social media, but it is so important. Social profiles don’t just give customers more ways to find you, they give you CREDIBILITY. And when you’re dealing with someone new, trust is a commodity you can’t live without.

So today we leave you with this.

Get your house in order! At a minimum, make sure your website is all linking correctly to your social media profiles. And if you don’t have a website or social media profiles, why not? You’re already missing out on opportunities that you don’t even know about.
And if you already have a website, you many not realise you NEED social profiles to help you rank highly in organic search and to stay there. A website doesn’t have to cost the earth, an about.me website will do the job.
But once you have a website, craft a STATEMENT.
ONE LINE that describes your voice and how you’re different.
Post the one liner on our Facebook Group and we’ll give you honest feedback. It will be worth it! 
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