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One Thing to Help Your Business Communicate Better Right Now

April 8, 2020

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One Thing to Help Your Business Communicate Better Right Now

We are here to help businesses everywhere to manage the challenges brought by COVID-19.

Communicating information quickly and at scale, whether that be with employees, contractors, partners or investors in any language or accent will be key for many businesses survival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has already impacted the lives and communities of the world. Entire industries have been devastated. The pandemic has also created an urgent demand for translations and voice over services which may not have been planned for and we’re here to help.

Whether you need a CEO message dubbed for your global workforce; a new contact centre IVR message in dozens of languages; eLearning videos for staff working in essential services or an explainer demonstrating the use of test kits.

Whatever it is, if it’s related to coronavirus / COVID-19 we’re offering 20% off the price of our voice over and audio-visual translation services until 31 May 2020.

We hope this one thing will help to relieve some of the financial burden of these unplanned projects whilst allowing us to continue offering the worlds best voice over actors and production service. Remember, our team is already used to producing voice-over remotely, it’s what the Voquent platform and service has been set-up to do.

We’ve already written to every voice over artist on the Voquent platform to request that they upload more medical and coronavirus related audio samples so you can find suitable voices for your projects in record time.

Listen now: Coronavirus / COVID-19 related voice over samples

You’ll notice that many of the COVID-19 related samples are in an Authoritative, Eloquent or Nurturing tone and this for good reason.

An authoritative tone is always best for conveying a serious message, such as a company-wide announcement about changing working conditions or virus testing. Whilst an eloquent or nurturing tone is best used for educating the listener, ideal for long-form eLearning content or presentations.

If you need any help or advice about the tone, gender or accent of voice, don’t hesitate to tell us about your project for a no obligation quote, within 1 hour.

We can turn-around most projects within 24-48 hours and our service is fully remote from end-to end.

We’ll translate and proof-read the script, record the voice over (in an approved home recording studio) and edit and insert the voice over to your presentation or eLearning video complete with closed captions and subtitles and more.

Remember, we’re already well placed to help with multi-lingual voice over translations for:

To claim the 20% discount, please make our sales team aware of how your project relates to coronovirus / COVID-19.

Learn more about coronavirus voice over services


Article contributors: Al Black (Writer)

For voices

To give you the best possible chance of being selected for a COVID-19 related project, we have created a short script in 21 languages which you can use to record a sample for your own Voquent profile. Please use the following instructions to submit samples to Voquent for moderation.

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